Outsource Your Online Company Store

Keep Your Focus - Outsource Your Online Corporate Merchandise Store

To stay competitive, it makes sense to outsource your online company merchandise store to a reliable resource who can manage, stock and report when you don’t have the resources to do it yourself.

Today, companies of all sizes view online stores as indispensable to their marketing efforts. Equipping employees and associates with the ability to easily order specialized materials - signage, trade show materials, promotional items such as clothing and sporting goods - via an intra-company website saves..


The Emotional Font


It should come as no surprise to anybody that there is actual emotion tied to font selection. Now that we all agree that is the case, why do we so often choose our fonts for our product, message and even branding in such an abusive manner? As we select five different fonts for one “take-a-quick-look” graphic or create a paragraph style advertisement written completely in Cabin Sketch (a decorative font…see later). JUST STOP IT! (more…)


How Not to Waste Money on Trade Show Promotional Items

Promotional items are among the most cost-effective marketing tools a company can employ at a trade show.

Given the cost per number of impressions, it’s a relatively inexpensive investment to spread your brand message with products that carry your logo or slogan, such as shirts, caps, totes, water bottles, and pens.

But even promotional items’ modest price tag goes up without a plan for distributing them for maximum marketing impact.

Pacific Color

Corporate Tailgating Parties are Great Marketing Opportunities

Pacific Color Advertising Specialties

Tailgating, typically reserved for fans socializing before a sporting event, has entered the world of marketing.

Corporate tailgating parties are great branding opportunities. Competitive companies have discovered that discussing business with prospective customers in an informal atmosphere before the game can be enormously lucrative.

Pacific Color Graphics can help you organize a corporate tailgate party that will impress people and score a touchdown for your company. We won’t bring the wings or beer, but we will provide services that communicate you are serious about your product even..


The Evolution of 3D Printing……It’s probably not what you think

  Google the word “Printing” and the first thing that is going to pop-up in the news feed is 3D printing. Here is what most people think they know about 3D printing: A. It’s was invented by NASA to print tools B. It is less than 5 years old C. Somebody in Vegas recently printed food at a tech convention. The evolution is far greater than the conversations not happening around the water cooler and we wanted to shed a little light on the timeframe and events that actually led to printing food….yes that actually did happen in Vegas. (more…)


Yes, Print Catalogs are Coming Back

Print catalogs are coming back in a big way, and the Pacific Color Graphics team can help you take advantage of the trend.

Directly mailed catalogs to homes and businesses have long been an effective way of selling products via delivery. Many consumers enjoy leisurely thumbing through a colorful, informative catalog to make buying decisions.

Catalogs were sales generators. Printing several catalogs a year was worth the investment for many companies.



Effectively Using Color in Advertising

As a kid, remember how long you sometimes took to pick just the right crayon when coloring?

Colors should also be carefully chosen when marketing your brand. But not for the reasons you may think.

The idea that particular colors invoke certain reactions or moods is well-entrenched. Red supposedly is reminiscent of passion or excitement, blue of cool dependability. Green is associated with tranquility.



Great Ideas for Promotional Products at Trade Shows and Expos

The Latest, Greatest Ideas for Promotional Products at Trade Shows and Expos

Versatility is a big reason that promotional products are a favorite marketing tool.

Companies can vary which promotional items are given away according to the event or the target audience. While a new generation of promotional products always emerges to reflect the public’s changing tastes, the marketing message of items that carry your slogan or logo remains effective year after year.

Companies that are determined to succeed have a huge selection of..


How POP Advertising Affects Sales


Both market research and common sense indicates that Point of Purchase (POP) advertising affects sales positively when executed effectively.

How often do you decide which brand to buy while scanning products on the store shelf? Although studies vary as to how frequently this decision is delayed, it’s safe to say a high percentage of consumers make their choices at the last moment.



Scratch and Win Cards

Looking for an interactive way to engage your customers in a new promotion?

There are a lot of ways to draw someone's attention, but how do you hold it long enough to get your message heard, and beyond that actually remembered? If you can provide and interactive way for your client to hear your message you are doing well! I am sure we would all agree that being engaged in an activity is a lot more fun than just listening to someone talk. An easy way to engage new and returning customers is to hold a drawing where participation is rewarded with the..


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