How POP Advertising Affects Sales


Both market research and common sense indicates that Point of Purchase (POP) advertising affects sales positively when executed effectively.

How often do you decide which brand to buy while scanning products on the store shelf? Although studies vary as to how frequently this decision is delayed, it’s safe to say a high percentage of consumers make their choices at the last moment.



Scratch and Win Cards

Looking for an interactive way to engage your customers in a new promotion?

There are a lot of ways to draw someone's attention, but how do you hold it long enough to get your message heard, and beyond that actually remembered? If you can provide and interactive way for your client to hear your message you are doing well! I am sure we would all agree that being engaged in an activity is a lot more fun than just listening to someone talk. An easy way to engage new and returning customers is to hold a drawing where participation is rewarded with the..



Pacific Color


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