AT&T Cafecito In-Store Promotions for Hispanic Heritage Month

large format displays

The Pacific Color design team recently helped AT&T bring its "Cafecito A Ti Y A Ti" in-store promotion to life for Hispanic Heritage month, recreating the cafecito experience for shoppers nationwide. To reflect Hispanic culture and community, Pacific Color personalized the project for each region, creating large-format displays that welcomed customers in each of the 25 locations that AT&T services in Los Angeles, New York/New Jersey, Miami,Houston, and Chicago.



Esports Event Branding

At Pacific Color Graphics we love creating exciting, innovative branding and displays for our clients. At a recent Esports event, we used our expert event-branding experience to heighten the energy and enjoyment that was already surrounding the event.

We always want our branding to elicit a positive response from consumers and by working in conjunction with our branding experts, this event was able to create an atmosphere of elation with its participants...


Large Format Printing Ideas For Business

Clever Large-Format Printing Ideas for Business

Large-format printing  has changed marketing practices in the last several years.

While it’s not new, technological advances in large-format printing have opened up a world of graphic images that didn’t exist a few years ago. The Pacific Color Graphics team embraces these creative challenges, and with the help of Pinterest, here are a few large-format printing ideas for your business:

  • The building-size banner with a twist. A five-story sign advertising a water park slide, displayed in actual size, plays off the..


Top Five Business Promotional Items

Consumer expectations are raising the bar on promotional products. With target audiences demanding more choices and greater functionality, the team at Pacific Color Graphics provides its list of the top five business promotional items:

  1. Drinkware. Drink containers for on-the-go consumers are now multipurpose. Tumblers with compartments to hold ice or vitamin supplements are growing in popularity. One bottle even comes equipped with a detachable Bluetooth speaker.
  2. High tech products. Chargers for a smartphone-crazy population are huge. Promotional chargers feature multiple ports,..


Seven Best Practices for A Successful Trade Show

Trade shows are tremendous opportunities for your company to raise its profile among attendees who are looking for the products and services you offer. Leverage the event to your advantage by following Pacific Color Graphics’ seven best practices for a successful trade show:

  1. Quality booth design and placement. Your booth reflects your company, so it should be well-constructed and prominently display information that you want attendees to notice immediately. Strategic placement of trade show booths is a science in..


Trade Show Banners That Stand Apart

trade show banner

Trade show banners are the key to successfully drawing the interest of attendees.

A compelling sales presentation, informative brochures and handout materials such as promotional items are important in converting leads to sales. But effective signage is paramount in attracting initial attention to your booth.

A walk on a typical convention floor reveals several vendors that offers products and services similar to your company. Because banner signs are noticeable from a distance, they are the aspect of your booth that attendees see first.

Most banners will..


Embrace the Power of the Tchotchke for Your Trade Show Event

Tchotchkes, also known as promotional items or swag, are practically required at trade shows to keep pace with competitors. For good reason: Items such as pens, caps, thumb drives, and tote bags - printed with your logo or slogan - have a long “shelf life” around offices and homes.

Concerns that giveaways have created a typical attendee who is interested only in obtaining as much swag as possible and ignores sales pitches are legitimate. But the great majority of attendees are truly looking for..


Estimating Your Trade Show Budget

Trade shows are terrific opportunities to market your products and services to a target audience. Correctly estimating your trade show budget is the first step in turning curious attendees into customers.

Pacific Color Graphics has extensive experience with trade show marketing. We create attention-getting trade show signage and displays, while also providing a variety of indispensable promotional items for distribution. Here are our recommendations on  setting a trade show budget:

  • Don’t proscrastinate. A solid presentation and employees who are well-prepared leave a strong..


4 Reasons You NEED a Graphic Artist

Often we know that there are solutions for our marketing out there, ready to use and available to us. Technology has evolved to seemingly make the professional obsolete in some respects. Beware: The “I got this” approach, while certainly an option, can leave you in more of a bind later. Think about it like an accountant rewiring their house. Sure, anybody can buy the tools, but the chance for shock is too great. Here are four reasons you really should hire a professional graphic artist for your brand. Can You Afford NOT To? It can end up costing two or three times as much to get your design where you want it if you try doing it yourself or worse, you can settle on what you have when your budget runs out. Understanding how to set up work for print, using colors, saving images correctly, overprints, bleeds, safety, size, RGB...


Get Noticed With High-Tech Wearable Promotional Product Ideas

high tech promotional product ideas

Conventional promotional items such as caps, T-shirts, pens and tote bags have long been one of the best ways to expose your brand. Add high-tech wearable items to your list of promo products and you’ve taken this tried-and-true marketing strategy to a higher level.

Pacific Color Graphics can print your logo or message on just about anything, including sought-after high-tech promotional items. Your company should target wearable high-tech promotional items for the portion of your audience that is appreciative of modern technology.

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