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Promotional Products Stores

Promotional Product Stores for Your Company Internal promotional product stores, a.k.a corporate merchandise sites, offer valuable online support to your business’s marketing efforts with convenient access to branded merchandise, 24/7. As your full-service marketing partner, Pacific Color Graphics sets up and manages easy-to-use promotional product stores that look...

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Banners and Signs Enhance Visibility

Banners and Signs Enhance Visibility, Build Your Brands Bold, informative signage is a staple of marketing campaigns. Banners and large format signs enhance visibility and build brands at relatively low cost.  Signs and banners can provide directions, announce and promote products, create questions, answer questions or sometimes even puzzle the average observer! Pacific...

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Direct Mail Campaigns and Fulfillment Service

Creative Direct Mail Campaigns and Fulfillment Services   Imagine how just one well-conceived direct mail campaign by Pacific Color Graphics can jump-start your brand: Company A, which sells bicycles and bicycle equipment, wanted to attract more customers to its brick-and-mortar store. Market research showed that customers spend more in the store than online. A...

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Large Scale Outdoor Graphics

Affordable and Effective Large-Scale Outdoor Graphics Because of their size, large-scale outdoor graphics may seem to be an expensive use of precious marketing dollars. But when you consider their ability to display your message to thousands, even millions of motorists and pedestrians in an urban setting over the course of several days, investing in large-scale outdoor...

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How We’re Different From Other Promotional Products Companies

Most promotional products companies don’t offer a full range of marketing services – they’re simply suppliers that take your order. Once you receive the items, it’s up to you to figure out how to best use them to market your brand. Pacific Color Graphics differs from run-of-the-mill promotional products companies. We work with your team to develop an end-game...

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How Do They Do It? 16 Quotes About Success!

Getting up everyday and doing life well is hard. Some days we fight for the strength and inspiration to keep it all moving. Then we see the people that have carved successful paths through life and we wonder what helped them? Today we take a look at 16 very influential people and the one gem they have learned on their journey that has made them who they are: People...

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Direct Mail and Email Promotional Campaigns to be Remembered

Product and service promotions that include direct mail and email campaigns are an inexpensive and effective way to diversify your marketing efforts. We build direct and email promotional campaigns to be remembered. The team at Pacific Color Graphics can design and launch a direct marketing strategy that offers your business tangible, ongoing results. We support direct...

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Get Fit at Work!

Fitness at work is a good thing for camaraderie, personal self and office morale. You might have noticed that we address this passion in our social media with #FitnessFriday. This stared as documentation of us heading to the gym as a group instead of happy hour after the last bell rings on Fridays. Fitness, or a “workout” is not always changing your clothes and heading...

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(Not Often Thought of) Ways to Go Green at Work

We want to be “green” in everything that we do. We look for ways to make monumental impacts in our everyday lives. Sometimes what we overlook is the smaller details that can escape us, but still make a serious impact. Here is a short list of those smaller details to instill change at work. Update Mailing Lists Seems like an odd place to start, but if you make sure your...

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What to Look for in Corporate Merchandising Store Software

Many businesses understand the benefits of operating an online corporate merchandising store, but may be uncertain what type of company store software is the best fit for them. Company stores save time, energy and money in maintaining a common location and ordering method for INTERNAL items like branded apparel, approved tchotchkes, office supplies, printed materials...

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