What is Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging has become all the rage. The increasingly environmentally conscious consumer is becoming more and more aware of how wasteful packaging can be, and they’re demanding that producers do something about it. But what is eco-friendly packaging exactly? Is it as simple as a reduction in single-use plastics in favor of recyclable materials? Or is there more than meets the eye when it comes to packaging that is eco-friendly?

At Pacific


6 Drivers of Food Packaging Material Choices

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The food packaging industry is one of the most dynamic today, thanks to the constant growth it sees both globally and through shifts in cultural and social values surrounding food and food packaging materials. There are many factors that drive food packaging material choices, and Pacific Color Graphics is here to help you understand them.

We are experts in food package design because we understand what drives the packaging material industry...


Trends in Eco-Friendly Packaging

eco-friendly packaging

Eco-friendly Packaging Trends

In recent years, consumers have become more aware of the power their spending habits have in demanding eco-friendly packaging. Many consumers are buying products packaged using materials that are recyclable and reusable, and the packaging industry has taken note.

Eco-friendly packaging is something that Pacific Color Graphics is passionate about and constantly strives to improve upon. We serve businesses in the Bay Area, including Silicon Valley,..


Are Branded Urinal Targets A Thing?

branded urinal shield

Are Branded Urinal Targets Popular?

Urinal targets have been around since the 1970s, though they have never really taken off as a widely popular product. They were first invented as a method to potty train young boys and help them with their aim while peeing. The idea of manufacturing branded urinal targets is an even newer idea that hasn’t seen a surge in popularity – yet.

Pacific Color..


Esports Event Branding

At Pacific Color Graphics we love creating exciting, innovative branding and displays for our clients. At a recent Esports event, we used our expert event-branding experience to heighten the energy and enjoyment that was already surrounding the event.

We always want our branding to elicit a positive response from consumers and by working in conjunction with our branding experts, this event was able to create an atmosphere of elation with its participants...


Concepts in Video Game Packaging

The video game industry is a fast-growing market that engages millions
of people. As the market continues to diversify, so do the concepts for video game packaging. There is a growing need to create unique and engaging marketing and promotional materials to help your video game stand out from the crowd. Pacific Color Graphics can help you expand your video game packaging beyond the box and grab the attention of consumers.

Our experts..


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Product Packaging for Retail Products

Product Packaging for Retail Products

Your Retail Product Deserves Unique Packaging

Shopping in retail stores can sometimes be overwhelming. There is a
lot of choice when it comes to products and it’s often the product with unique packaging that attracts the consumer. Packaging can say a lot about a product, and it is important that your packaging is saying exactly what you want it to.

At Pacific Color, We Know What Makes People Buy!

Imagine if you could tap into the consciousness of consumers and understand exactly what makes them buy? While we may never be able to do that, as every consumer is different, we do know that there are many social factors that influence consumers and they are some of the biggest reasons why people buy.

At Pacific Color Graphics we..


Six Considerations for Your Custom Package Design

Designing the perfect custom packaging that reflects the value of your product can be complicated. The right packaging can help your product sell like hotcakes. The experts at Pacific Color Graphics have six considerations for you when it comes to perfecting your custom package design.

  1. Sales channels. Where you choose to sell your product has a lot of influence on the package design. Packaging for a product designed for online sales has..


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