Make a Splash at Your Next Outdoor Event

The success of an outdoor event depends on your careful planning and attention to detail. As your business prepares for the next event, make sure that you are showing your supporters that you’re worth their time and money.

Here are a few tips for helping your business make a splash at your next outdoor event.

Use Large Format Vinyl Banners

At an outdoor event, you are competing with Mother Nature. Visitors might be distracted by the surroundings, which means you must work even harder to make your booth stand out.



Large Format Vinyl Signs Add Color and Branding

Branding Benefits of Colorful Large Format Vinyl Signs

As more businesses look for innovative ways to promote their products and services, vinyl signs are rising in popularity. In fact, one of the latest projects from Pacific Color Graphics involved a large vinyl banner created for a local health club. The end result was nothing short of amazing. The health club was able to introduce color and branding without the maintenance requirements of a traditional painted mural. 

Are you considering high quality banners for your business? Let’s learn more..


Banners and Signs Enhance Visibility

Pacific Color signs at AT&T park

Banners and Signs Enhance Visibility, Build Your Brands

Bold, informative signage is a staple of marketing campaigns. Banners and large format signs enhance visibility and build brands at relatively low cost.  Signs and banners can provide directions, announce and promote products, create questions, answer questions or sometimes even puzzle the average observer!

Pacific Color Graphics designs and produces eye-catching signage for companies of all sizes. A creative banner placed strategically in an area with heavy traffic works just as effectively..


Large Scale Outdoor Graphics

Pacific Color signs at AT&T park

Affordable and Effective Large-Scale Outdoor Graphics

Because of their size, large-scale outdoor graphics may seem to be an expensive use of precious marketing dollars.

But when you consider their ability to display your message to thousands, even millions of motorists and pedestrians in an urban setting over the course of several days, investing in large-scale outdoor ads results in a far better return-on-investment than purchasing television or radio ads.

Pacific Color Graphics is a full-service digital printing and marketing company with wide-format capabilities..


Trade Show Banners That Stand Apart

trade show banner

Trade show banners are the key to successfully drawing the interest of attendees.

A compelling sales presentation, informative brochures and handout materials such as promotional items are important in converting leads to sales. But effective signage is paramount in attracting initial attention to your booth.

A walk on a typical convention floor reveals several vendors that offers products and services similar to your company. Because banner signs are noticeable from a distance, they are the aspect of your booth that attendees see first.

Most banners will..


Inexpensive, Effective Product Display Ideas and Options

Probably the single biggest marketing challenge today is differentiating your brand from its many competitors.

Product displays and Point-of-Purchase displays remain an effective tactic to grab the consumer’s attention at the retail level. These popular display options are inexpensive, offer lots of opportunities to be creative, and are proven sales-drivers:

  • Cardboard floor displays enable you to literally separate your brand from the competition by giving products their own, free-standing space. These min-structures can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes with bright colorful..


Best Practices for End-of-Aisle Product Placement Design

The end of the aisle is among the most sought-after spaces in retail. So-called “end caps” are highly visible to shoppers and are equivalent to a brick-and-mortar storefront on a busy street.

Many companies miss opportunities to sell to consumers who buy impulsively by ignoring best practices for end-of-the-aisle product placement. Pacific Color Graphics, maker of eye-catching retail and POS displays, has a few marketing suggestions to help your take full advantage of profitable end cap displays:

Pacific Color

Differentiate Your Point of Sale Displays!

Buyers today are overwhelmed with choices. Shelves jammed with products vie for attention, so companies increasingly rely on point-of-sales displays to draw shoppers’ eyes to a particular brand.

But the jumble of point-of-sale displays blunts their effectiveness. Pacific Color Graphics has the expertise to create vivid, powerful displays that rise above the rest to deliver your message to consumers.

Here’s how to differentiate your point-of-sale displays from competitors:

  • In-store testing. POS displays are ideal for short run use. Try developing several display concepts,..


The Emotional Font


It should come as no surprise to anybody that there is actual emotion tied to font selection. Now that we all agree that is the case, why do we so often choose our fonts for our product, message and even branding in such an abusive manner? As we select five different fonts for one “take-a-quick-look” graphic or create a paragraph style advertisement written completely in Cabin Sketch (a decorative font…see later). JUST STOP IT! (more…)


Corporate Tailgating Parties are Great Marketing Opportunities

Pacific Color Advertising Specialties

Tailgating, typically reserved for fans socializing before a sporting event, has entered the world of marketing.

Corporate tailgating parties are great branding opportunities. Competitive companies have discovered that discussing business with prospective customers in an informal atmosphere before the game can be enormously lucrative.

Pacific Color Graphics can help you organize a corporate tailgate party that will impress people and score a touchdown for your company. We won’t bring the wings or beer, but we will provide services that communicate you are serious about your product even..


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