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Basics Of Large Format Printing Layouts

Understanding the Basics of Large-Format Printing Layouts

Large format printing requires thoughtful layout

By using a few common sense basics in large-format printing layouts, your business can maximize the value of marketing materials such as banner signs.

Because it is often given only a fleeting glance by potential customers, large-format signage should be easy to read and understand, delivering a coherent message in a few words.

Today’s technology makes it possible to design and create signage with an enormous array of colors, fonts, and images.

But knowing what works and what doesn’t is the key to designing a banner sign that attracts attention and conveys a convincing marketing message for your products or services.

Large-format printing is one of Pacific Color Graphics favorite marketing services. With years of digital printing experience, our team suggests these tried-and-true basics when dealing with large-format printing layouts:

  • Use sans serif fonts, which are easier to read from distances of at least five feet away.
  • When it comes to text, less is better. Boil your message down to its essence. Letters and words should take up a maximum of 20 percent of the space on a sign. It’s also a good idea to limit the use of different fonts on a sign. More than three fonts are distracting.
  • Go easy on the colors. Use three primary colors, at most, to keep your sign interesting without looking disorganized.
  • Text and figures should be visible from a distance. The size of words and images depends on where the sign is placed. A roadside banner requires larger text than a point-of-sale sign.
  • Good contrast is critically important. The greater the contrast between text and background, the better the legibility. Avoid “fading” images into the background. Simple, neutral backgrounds work best in large-format printing layouts.

We’re Large-Format Printing Experts

Large-format signage can often be used over and over, making it a cost-effective marketing tool.

Trust Pacific Color Graphics to get it right the first time. We’re the only marketing partner you need, capable of designing professional large-format signs and producing them in our modern Pleasanton facility.

Call 888-551-1482 or contact us to take advantage of our expertise in large-format printing layouts.

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