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Why an Online Store is the Right Move for Your Company Heading Into 2024

With an internal company store, employees can shop company-branded apparel, gifts, and promotional items just like they would from their favorite online retailer, enjoying fast access to corporate-approved swag. Promo codes allow specific departments or employees to make necessary purchases, helping you manage spending and ensure a smooth user experience. Authorized management or marketing staff can track and modify inventory and monitor sales. Pacific Color produces and stores your customized merchandise off-site, shipping items when and where you need them. As more businesses take advantage of this technology, why is an online store the right move for your company in 2024?

Internal Company Stores Save Money

Online merchandise stores set up and managed by Pacific Color minimize time and labor, making obtaining company-branded merchandise easier and more cost-effective. No more annoying order forms, supply closet headaches, packing and shipping, or sub-par swag results. Our automated, streamlined process gives you fast access to products and data, allowing you to improve internal marketing and employee brand engagement so your product offerings work better for your business. It’s easy to scale up, adding items for any business need or function, from apparel and office supplies to marketing collateral for trade shows, marketing events, and attention-grabbing gear for direct-to-customer sales.

Internal Stores Safeguard Your Brand Image

Good company swag matters. Ordering necessary items from a single, trusted source ensures consistent product quality, upholding your brand image. You set the terms for approved colors, logos, messages, and fonts according to your brand guidelines. When you need assistance with anything, from logo design to messaging and layout, our marketing and design team can help.

Company Swag Stores Boost Company Pride

Studies by the Incentive Research Foundation show that employee incentive and rewards programs motivate employees and increase performance by up to 22 percent. Online stores allow your staff to choose their favorite company-branded merchandise, from luxury apparel, home goods, and jewelry to gift cards and digital gifts. Employees flaunt their swag, showing it off to team members, family, and friends. This generates excitement about your company, prompting others to look forward to achieving their own recognition and awards gifts.

Online Stores Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

Online merchandise management offers an eco-friendly way to source and distribute everything from branded office supplies and corporate uniforms to printed marketing collateral and promotional items for events. Stock less gear and eliminate excess inventory while enjoying a wider selection of styles and sizes, shipping direct from a single location. Allowing workers to choose what they prefer to wear and use in the office and at area events enhances confidence, comfort, and productivity. It also prevents your business from wasting money on unpopular items that ultimately end up in landfills.

Put the Benefits of an Internal Company Store to Work for You

Make the right move for your company with an online store in 2024. We make creating a company store easy and hassle-free. Contact Pacific Color at 888-551-1482 to start customizing your online storefront and building your inventory of company-branded merchandise today.

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