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What Goes into a Killer Custom Display?

When you invest in a custom trade show exhibit, you want to ensure maximum return on investment. Pacific Color is here to help you reinvent your trade show marketing, creating displays you can use and reuse to generate business. We know what goes into a killer custom display. Our marketing and design experts understand how to connect with customers and entice them to learn more, providing you with a roadmap for developing a trade show exhibit that gets your brand seen.

Wow the Crowd with Standout Trade Show Booth Design

Maximizing trade show opportunities relies on ensuring a positive first impression with the perfect combination of experience and environment. When you’re in a trade show surrounded by competitors, you need to make an impression fast. You can’t risk blending in – you won’t get a second chance to stand out from and impress the crowd. Fortunately, there are many tactics we can help you employ to put your business in the spotlight and drive customer engagement: 

Multifaceted trade show exhibits

Pop-up displays, kiosks, wall coverings, floor graphics, retractable banners and stands that are visually appealing from every angle set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Bold colors

Avoid ho-hum neutrals in favor of bright hues, robust, warm shades, or calming, cool tones.

Sensory cues

Entice customers with olfactory stimulation, like the smell of flowers or cookies. Elicit strong reactions that drive your message home with audio cues like nature sounds or alarms.

Surprise elements

Holographics, lighting, animation, interactive displays, live entertainment, and special giveaways are excellent for generating positive buzz.

Don’t Overdo It

While standing out is a winning strategy – you don’t want to overdo it. Be careful not to overwhelm the eye. Don’t fear ‘white space’ or unused space in grand format design. Large, simply designed displays often offer the best results. Remember your primary purpose, whether boosting brand recognition, announcing a new product or location, pushing a new campaign, or increasing brand awareness. Sticking to a single goal ensures attendees can easily comprehend your message and how your product or service can help.

Incorporate Ample, Highly Functional Trade Show Exhibit Space

The amount of space you have and how it works for you can make or break your trade show marketing campaign. To prevent messaging from being overlooked, keep it at waist height. Always integrate ample space – consumers don’t like to feel trapped. Eliminate barriers to offer an inviting atmosphere and allow people to enter and leave the exhibit freely. In addition, make sure your custom display has plenty of space to engage with attendees, as well as storage for marketing collateral and promotional items.

Remember the Competition

Consider how your product or service outshines the competition and flaunt it. You’ll only have a few seconds to sell your message. Communicate using short, direct text. Clear, concise messaging is essential to converting prospects into customers. During the show, be attentive and make attendees feel welcome and important. People always remember stellar customer service.

Ensure an Effective Trade Show Exhibit Design with Help from Pacific Color

Don’t struggle with creating your trade show display. Elevate your business, taking your trade show exhibit design to the next level with help from Pacific Color Graphics. We know what goes into a killer custom display. Contact us at 888-551-1482 to request a quote on a custom trade show display today.

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