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Company Swag Ideas for 2024

Employees love premium company-branded gear, especially exciting and unique items. Boost team spirit and brand engagement. Kick off the New Year with these company swag ideas for 2024 from Pacific Color.

Impress Employees with Your Swag Selection

Cheap, generic gear does not excite employees. Good company swag matters, making employees feel understood and appreciated. For optimal return on investment, choose items your team will rave about and show off to friends and family. Look for gear that people wouldn’t think to get for themselves but find enjoyable necessities, so your employees look forward to new items each year. What should you include in your employee swag lineup?

Company Branded Apparel

Outfit your team with polos, fleece hoodies, raincoats, hats, beanies, and gloves. Go all out with branded sneakers. We offer comfortable, attractive apparel employees love from top brands like Patagonia, North Face, American Apparel, and Bella Canvas, as well as sustainable selections to reflect your brand image. No matter your business’s needs, we’ve got you covered. Add items to your internal company store for those who want additional merchandise for themselves, friends, and family.

Hot Tech Gear

Everyone loves technology. Make using and transporting it easier, gifting employees with popular high-tech wearables and products. Ensure a safe, hands-free commute with smartphone car mounts. RFID silicone phone wallets offer convenient, secure card and cash access. A gift of portable Bluetooth speakers allows for audiobook and music enjoyment on the go. At work, wireless charging mouse pads provide convenient, multifunctional use, while webcam covers ensure privacy. Tile Mate trackers come in handy anywhere for tracking frequently lost items like keys and phones.

Office Essentials

Remind employees of what your brand stands for with logoed office essentials. Daily use gear like sleek, tall, or collapsible water bottles, cork-bottomed vacuum-sealed tumblers, and technology totes are always appreciated. Go the extra mile, making workers feel valued with a portable pour-over coffee brewing kit. Don’t forget everyday consumables like sticky notes, notebooks, pens, and desk calendars. Make reordering items fast and easy with help from Pacific Color’s employee swag management services.

Travel Gear

Boost brand recognition while providing essential gear for traveling employees with travel bags, luggage tags, and branded umbrellas. Safeguard employee health and comfort with logoed masks, clip-on hand sanitizer, and lip balm balls.

Home Goods

The most favored employee gifts are those enjoyed outside the office. Coveted and cozy, a warm, luxurious fleece sherpa throw and fuzzy custom socks are always a hit and sure to be shown off. Pair with an essential oil diffuser gift set perfect for unwinding after work. Add a special treat like hot chocolate bombs for indulging fireside on cold evenings or the ever-popular charcuterie board and cheese.

Sustainable Gifts

Reduce your carbon footprint with sustainable promotional products. Choose functional items employees can use and reuse, like stainless steel or silicone straw sets, glass food storage containers. Add an eco-friendly bamboo tote bag or recycled backpack created from ocean plastic to showcase your business’s commitment to the environment.

Custom Swag Box

Create your own unique swag boxes [TP1] filled with branded employee favorites for holidays, birthdays, onboarding, work anniversaries[TP2] , retirement, marketing campaigns, and more. Pair each branded gift set with custom packaging, gift wrap, and a personalized letter for a truly exclusive feel.

Generate employee excitement and show off your brand with these company swag ideas for 2024. Contact Pacific Color Graphics at 888-551-1482 and start designing a custom collection of attention-getting company-branded swag today.

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