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How to Create Strong Branded Merch for Your Business

A strong brand identity is essential in today’s highly competitive, limited attention span marketing environment. Grab people’s attention and leave a lasting impression with great branded merchandise. Merchandise marketing offers proven results for businesses of all sizes and industries, outshining competing advertising options. Maximize your marketing dollars using these tips to create strong branded merch that increases brand recognition and drives customers to your business.

Why Branded Merchandise Beats Other Marketing Strategies

Branded merchandise costs less and generates better results than digital, radio, and TV ads. It’s an excellent way to connect with your target market, build brand recognition, and promote positive brand response. Tangible, relevant promotional products like T-shirts, hoodies, hats and beanies, drinkware, and other popular, daily-use merchandise engage the senses. Branded company apparel worn during commutes or when dining out and freebies given away at events and promotions generate interest and excitement, earning your business many views for your promotional product investment. They work like a walking billboard for your business whenever employees and patrons show off your swag.

Top Ways to Use Company Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise is great for giveaways, trade shows, events, promoting new products or services, or as an additional revenue source sold in your store or online. It’s also an excellent employee or customer incentive, perfect for holidays, frequent buyers, merit awards, and more. Inspired, bold designs emblazoned on popular products and brand name gear entice customers to advertise and support your business as they enjoy daily use of coveted gear.

Strategies for Creating Strong Company-Branded Merchandise

Follow this roadmap to create an impactful, memorable company-branded merchandise campaign:

Set your marketing goals and budget

Determine how much you are going to invest in your products and design. Then, decide what you want to achieve with your promotional item campaign, such as building brand awareness or brand value. Careful planning ensures success.

Know your audience

Choose products your target customers will enjoy and reuse. Then, expand that to a slightly wider audience, considering how others exposed to your brand might be inspired to try your product once it’s widely recognized.

Carefully consider your brand message

Reflect on your target market (kids, adults, seniors, men, women, married, single, parents, etc.) and how you can connect. Brainstorm about motivational, funny, or dramatic slogans or art that reflects your business or service. Knowing your audience is essential to earning maximum return for your marketing dollar.

Choose the right merchandise

What useful, entertaining, or trendy products mesh with your message? Gain inspiration from past campaigns, competitor efforts, and companies you admire, or take a fresh, unique path, setting your business apart. Pacific Color offers nearly endless options, including daily-use items, moderately priced but buzzworthy personalized swag, and pricier, unique options sure to generate excitement. The promotional items you choose should reflect your brand image, be it luxe, cutting-edge, trustworthy, or dependable.

Don’t opt for the cheapest solution

Avoid generating a negative impression with cheaply made items that fall apart. One-size-fits-most merchandise, like beanies, hats, socks, and drinkware, offer an excellent, quality solution for slim budgets. If you have a higher budget, curating a collection of merchandise is a great way to expand exposure.

Create a simple yet unique design

Attracting customer attention is important – but readability is equally essential. Avoid busy, cluttered designs that make your brand or message hard to recognize. You may have just seconds to get your message across. Put your logo and message center stage – leave the details to an internet search.

If you need assistance selecting products or perfecting your design, our knowledgeable marketing and design team can help!

Expand Your Customer Fan Base with Branded Merchandise

Create strong branded merch for your business with the comprehensive commercial printing and design services of Pacific Color Graphics. Contact us at 888-551-1482 and start building your marketing strategy and promotional item inventory today.

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