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Why Good Company Swag Matters

Does your business stand out in today’s competitive marketplace? Your brand image influences whether people want to use your products or services, or work for you. Good company swag matters, setting you apart from the competition and offering tremendous bang for your marketing buck. Don’t miss out on the extraordinary benefits of company-branded merchandise.

Strengthen Your Brand

High-quality, thoughtfully selected and designed merchandise ensures a consistent, recognizable brand image among employees and customers. Premium branded apparel and popular promotional products designed for everyday use boost brand visibility, reflect your business’s values and mission, and make a lasting impression that can significantly impact your reputation. Such superior swag delivers unparalleled returns, generating employee excitement and keeping your business in the minds of potential customers.

Unite Your Team

Foster team spirit and unite your workforce with comfortable, top-quality gear. Matching apparel offers a visual reminder your staff shares a common goal as your brand’s ambassadors. This mindset increases productivity, delivering maximum return on your company swag investment.

Build Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Branded swag offers the perfect opportunity to start a conversation about your product or service in the job setting or after hours. It’s a tremendous tool for breaking the ice and recruiting new customers and team members. The more frequently people see your message on apparel and promotional items enjoyed by workers and excited patrons, the faster brand awareness will grow.

Get More Views

Promotional merchandise offers remarkable marketing results at a lower cost than other advertising endeavors. Coveted company-branded items generate increased excitement. As the desire to possess them grows, brand awareness blossoms. As more people enjoy promotional merchandise outside the workplace or after marketing events, brand recognition will continue to grow, multiplying publicity potential.

Increase Revenue

As the number of eyes on your promotional items and your business grows, so does your revenue potential. More than 8 out of 10 swag recipients eventually become customers, making corporate swag a winning business investment.

Enjoy Company Swag Benefits Without Overstuffing Your Supply Closet

Pacific Color makes filling your swag closet easy with internal company stores – no shared spreadsheet mayhem – no supply closet avalanches. Order merchandise on demand, enjoying access to what you need when you need it. We handle everything – from building your online store to helping you choose and professionally design merchandise with your logo or message. Once printed, our order fulfillment team packs and ships necessary items directly to your business, employees, or customers.

What Should You Add to Your Swag Collection?

Businesses across the US rely on Pacific Color for company merchandise, including popular items like:

  • Onboarding kits filled with personalized swag favorites like drinkware, office supplies, and apparel that make new employees feel like part of the team
  • Corporate gifts for employees, like watches and jackets to celebrate special occasions or company milestones
  • Customer gifts for signing up for services, repeat business, or large purchases
  • Trade show and promotional giveaways like tote bags, tech gear, and toys that generate excitement and develop a positive association with your brand
  • Sought-after company-branded items to sell at your place of business to employees and patrons who want to advertise

Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits of Company Branded Merchandise

Good company swag matters, providing a superior tool for achieving your marketing goals. Build brand awareness, boost revenue, and strengthen company culture, developing a branded merchandise line that perfectly reflects your company with help from Pacific Color Graphics. We serve businesses across the US. Contact us at 888-551-1482 and start designing your internal company store today.

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