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Sustainable Promotional Products

Promote your business or event, decreasing your company’s ecological footprint, with sustainable promotional products from Pacific Color. In today’s marketplace, the focus on environmentally conscious practices has never been stronger. We’re constantly improving our processes and product offerings to protect the planet, giving you access eco-friendly  swag, printing, and packaging services. Take advantage of new ways to shrink your carbon footprint with help from our team.

Responsibly Sourced, Eco-Friendly Swag

We believe it’s essential to reduce waste and encourage ecologically sound business practices, offering a variety of sustainable promotional items and packaging solutions selected with the planet in mind. These include promotional items made from responsibly sourced, renewable, and eco-safe materials that reduce waste or can be easily recycled. Selecting eco-friendly promotional items reflects positively on your business and allows recipients to enjoy products that they know have less impact on the environment.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Like our other promotional products, we can brand sustainable swag with your company logo. Our promotional catalog includes options made from environmentally friendly materials, including promotional merchandise made from:

  • Recycled plastic, paper, and glass
  • Reusable ceramic, aluminum, and stainless steel
  • Sustainably produced bamboo, jute, straw, hemp, rattan
  • Green and organic fabric options like cotton, linen, wool, and Tencel/lyocell
  • Biodegradable options that break down quickly and safely

We offer choices at a variety of price points, from reusable shopping totes and drinkware to bento lunch boxes and duffel bags, high-end luggage, blankets, and sustainably produced clothing and apparel.

Green Printing Services with a Cleaner Carbon Footprint

At Pacific Color, we want you to feel good about the promotional advertising products you’re giving away. We’re an Alameda County-certified green business focused on developing sustainable, ecologically sound practices, committed to helping our customers in Silicon Valley, San Jose, San Francisco, Phoenix, Gilbert, and Tempe do the same. We strive to reduce energy consumption and environmental waste, carefully selecting and managing printing materials, ink, and other processes to minimize our carbon footprint. You can count on us for promotional items produced as sustainably as possible – because we know it makes a difference.

Improve Your Marketing Strategy with Sustainable Products

There’s never been a better time to integrate eco-friendly swag into your brand’s marketing strategy. Whether you need environmentally conscious promotional items for an upcoming trade show or event, direct mail marketing campaign, or want to create your own intra-company shopping portal filled with company-branded sustainable apparel and gear. Our experienced marketing and design team can help you appeal to your audience and build a positive name for your business.

Connect with today’s environmentally conscious consumers. Join the growing movement to protect the planet with sustainable promotional products. Enjoy convenient access to eco-safe products locally and through our partners across the USA from Pacific Color Graphics. Contact us at 888-551-1482 to order environmentally friendly promotional items today.

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