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Support Your Community During COVID with Signs and Banners

Signage remains a crucial tool for businesses navigating the ever-changing coronavirus crisis, allowing venues from retail outlets to restaurants to quickly adapt to changing healthcare information and keep the community safe. Are you making the most of this advertising asset? As your business strives to return to normal, eye-catching banners and signage can help you to not only improve safety but unite your community as you weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Can Signs and Banners Benefit Your Community in the Pandemic?

There are many ways to put signage to work for your business and the community during the pandemic. Signs and banners are an excellent way to:

  • Spotlight essential health and safety information
    Signs are a crucial first line of defense in the pandemic, spotlighting important health and safety information. Providing a clear and visible communication of your business practices fosters a sense of security while keeping customers and staff safe. Make the most of these opportunities, showcasing:
    • Mask requirements on A-frame signs at entry points
    • Social distancing guidelines with on floor graphics or flag-style banners
    • Occupancy limits on posters or portable banners
    • Sanitization and masking stations with tabletop banners
    • Other health and safety measures you’re taking to combat the virus with window graphics to inform passersby
  • Safeguard the vulnerable
    Predominantly showcasing state and local COVID safety requirements plays a crucial role in upholding consistent messaging that, over time, will spur the widespread compliance necessary to protect the vulnerable against the disease. To meet the challenges of changing rules and legislation, portable or temporary signs, such as highly visible portable and retractable banners, can be an asset, allowing you to adapt to evolving state and local requirements quickly.
  • Encourage a community mindset
    It takes a strong community effort to keep the vulnerable safe and encourage weary community members and frontline workers. Coordinating signage is crucial to building enthusiasm and momentum and keeping your community actively engaged. Ensure a cohesive message, banding together with surrounding businesses to broadcast consistent health and safety messaging through your signage. Encourage essential workers, showcasing your support through inspirational banners and signage. Wrap your vehicle in graphics to spread awareness. Work together with local businesses to find new ways to combat COVID fatigue, brainstorming and sharing ways to encourage connection while maintaining social distancing.

Clear, Effective Messaging Means Business

A hastily scribbled sign reminding customers of mask requirements isn’t the image you want to convey. Clear, concise, vibrant signs and banners gain attention and showcase your investment in the health and safety of your community. Ensure effective messaging with the in-house design and production services of Pacific Color Graphics. We can help you create a comprehensive suite of COVID signage, assisting you through the entire process, from design to application.

Playing an active role in supporting your community is more important now than ever before. Encourage unity and hope during COVID-19 with signage and banners from Pacific Color Graphics.

We are here for America in this time of need, providing nationwide services, from the San Francisco Bay Area, to Phoenix, Chicago, Orlando, and New York. Contact us at 888-551-1482 to learn new ways to put signage to work for your business today.

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