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Why Do Employees Like Internal Company Stores?

Branded merchandise is a necessity in today’s marketplace, but it presents many challenges. In large organizations, one place or person is seldom responsible for managing swag needs, making ordering company-branded promotional materials, clothing, trade show swag, and printed marketing materials a headache. An internal company store, set up and managed by Pacific Color, offers a streamlined solution, benefitting your organization at all levels. What does an online company store offer your employees and business?

Time Savings and Cost Reduction

Online company stores offer efficient, environmentally friendly sourcing and distribution. No longer will unneeded products take up space in your office supply closet or end up in a landfill. When you outsource your online merchandise store to Pacific Color, your team has a single, trusted source from which to obtain merchandise. Employees enjoy access to a wide range of company-branded items on-demand without needing to source, procure, store, and ship your branded promotional items.

Simplified Logistics and Shipping

An internal company store is an ideal solution for businesses that are tired of maintaining a shared spreadsheet and a closet full of unused gear. Outsource the hassle of inventory logs, order forms, shipments, and tracking to the Pacific Color crew. Manage available inventories online for all departments and locations, setting budget limits and purchasing authorizations by job classification or group, such as management, marketing, and consumers. Employees can access merchandise or create new products on the platform with a few clicks, choosing from thousands of customized promotional items. Then select shipping options and speed for order fulfillment by Pacific Color – just like ordering from your favorite online retailer.

Consistent Product Quality and Brand Messaging

When employees don’t have a consistent vendor, quality control issues are common. Ensure consistency and protect your business’ image, creating a uniform brand identity with specified colors, fonts, logos, and messaging in products sold through your online company store. Pacific Color produces every promotional product sold on your online company store to your high-quality standards and corporate-approved design specifications, maintaining your business’ reputation for excellence.

More Swag Options – with Room to Grow

Log in to your online store for instant access to spending and data, monitoring expenses, and noting the promotional items in high demand for potential product line expansion. Grow your online company merchandise store to serve multiple functions within your business, expanding your presence and boosting brand recognition with:

  • Branded office supplies
  • Employee uniforms
  • Recruitment and onboarding gifts
  • Printed promotional materials
  • Event, conference, and trade show swag
  • Custom-branded gear for employee incentives and awards
  • Employee anniversary and holiday gifts
  • Customer loyalty and contest rewards
  • Luxury gifts for executive and client VIPs

Help from Marketing and Design Professionals

When someone on your team has a question, issue, or needs assistance selecting the ideal merchandise for an upcoming event, Pacific Color’s experienced marketing and design professionals are here to help. Our creative team will work with your staff to find options within your budget to achieve your marketing goals.

Simplify your Internal Company Store with Pacific Color Graphics

Find out why employees like internal company stores. Make company branded merchandise more accessible, reduce work and cost, and streamline shipping and receiving. Contact Pacific Color at 888-551-1482 and start creating an online company store today

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