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What’s So Great About Sustainable Corporate Swag?

Are you looking for giveaways you can feel good about? Climate change and pollution have consumers looking for greener alternatives. Instead of the same old cheap, gimmicky throwaway items, secure a loyal customer base with environmentally conscious choices, making eco-friendly promotional products and packaging a key marketing feature. Discover what’s so great about sustainable corporate swag.

Sustainable Promotional Items Stand Out

Since most companies rely on the same old non-recyclable, mass-produced promotional items, sustainable merchandise gives you a competitive advantage. Unlike disposable swag, which is used (or ignored) and tossed, sustainable swag creates an emotional connection, reflecting positively on your business. Consumers can take pride in using eco-friendly promotional items, building a strong bond surrounding your brand or product with the knowledge they’re supporting your environmentally conscious objectives.

Functional, Lasting Swag Offers More Bang for Your Advertising Buck

If your promotional items are viewed once on receipt and tossed, you’re not getting many impressions for your investment. Quality, lasting swag that customers love to use keeps your brand front and center. The longer it lasts, the more marketing value you reap. For a slightly higher investment in sustainable options, you can boost your business’ reputation and bring in more business than you would with cheaply made disposable swag.

Pacific Color’s List of Sustainable Promotional Items is Extensive

Sustainable items don’t have to be boring or costly. We offer tons of exciting, earth-friendly promotional items at every price level:

Reusable promotional products made from ceramic, aluminum, and stainless steel

  • Drinkware
    • Quality kitchen products
    • Flashlights and carabiners

Sustainably produced swag built with bamboo, hemp, cork, jute, straw, and rattan

  • Wheat straw wireless charger
    • Bamboo power bank
    • Bento lunch boxes

Green and organic cotton, linen, wool, and Tencel apparel and merchandise

  • Durable pullovers, jackets, and polos
    • High-end luggage and bags
    • Luxurious blankets

Biodegradable promotional products

  • Pens and notebooks
    • Tote bags
    • Cooling towels
    • Plant/tree kits

Digital swag with sign up

  • Waste-free digital gift cards
    • Sponsored online subscriptions

Our Alameda County-certified green business can help your company develop an environmentally conscious campaign. We can customize sustainable promotional items and packaging with your logo or marketing message. You can count on us to carefully select and manage everything, reducing energy consumption and waste to deliver a marketing campaign with a minimal carbon footprint.

Don’t Forget Eco-Friendly Packaging

Reduce waste and environmental harm with our eco-friendly packaging solutions. We can create custom packaging that reduces package size and waste, minimizing shipping costs and shrinking your campaign’s carbon footprint while ensuring safe delivery.

Don’t throw away a lasting marketing opportunity. Find out what’s so great about sustainable corporate swag from Pacific Color Graphics. Contact us at 888-551-1482 to request a quote or start creating an eco-focused campaign with help from our experienced marketing and design team today.

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