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It Ain’t Easy Being Green…or Fit!

Pleasanton CA Commercial Printer Green Business

Of course Kermit was referring to the challenges that are faced going through the world with green skin, and we are referring to the compliance with doing business in a manner that is good for our environment and staff but both are extremely socially poignant.

We have been re-certified as a Bay Area Green Business, but what exactly does that mean and how did we take it further?

First of all the act signifies our commitment to a healthy environment, community and staff. Allow us to clarify further:

Pacific Color Graphics:

  • Is recognized as an environmental leader
  • Operates efficiently, strengthening the bottom line
  • Improves employee morale, health and productivity
  • Conserves resources, prevents pollution, reduces waste
  • Complies with environmental regulations
  • Tracks water and energy usage and solid and hazardous waste generation.
  • Adopted a written environmentally preferable (or green) purchasing policy.
  • Established a ‘green team’ that can help guide efforts to green your business.
  • Informs our customers about our efforts to meet the Green Business Standards.
  • Assists at least one other business in learning about the Green Business Program and encourages them to enroll.

A Fit Bunch

One of the most important ways that we have decided to embrace our continued Green Certification is within. We understand that any company from top to bottom is only as good as the team that holds them up. In order to promote “employee morale, health and productivity” we have a Fitness Friday regime that is voluntary for our staff. Led by our leader David Rekart, the team heads out to the gym after work on Fridays.

Trying to get staff to a “work function” on their own time on a Friday, no less, was anticipated to be challenging until one of our own decided to take it seriously and really start to do something about his weight and health. Upon coming into the office continuously thinner and thinner with an aura that is visible, the rest of the staff took notice and began to join in. We now have a dedicated following that take their health first and strengthen our Green Certification status.

Yes we enjoy the certification and the fact that we can use it visually set ourselves beyond general business practices, but more than that is the feeling of knowing that we are making a difference in our community and planet.

When a team moves together in unison striving for more than just providing good business but offering themselves as the testament on how important the office environment is, that is when you leave being co-workers and begin being a family.

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