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Effectively Using Color in Advertising

Using Color in Advertising

As a kid, remember how long you sometimes took to pick just the right crayon when coloring?

Colors should also be carefully chosen when marketing your brand. But not for the reasons you may think.

The idea that particular colors invoke certain reactions or moods is well-entrenched. Red supposedly is reminiscent of passion or excitement, blue of cool dependability. Green is associated with tranquility.

But studies have shown individuals actually respond to colors differently. Sex, life experience, and cultural backgrounds all affect how one perceives color. Research indicates no single color means the same thing to everyone.

The role color plays in buying decisions is nuanced. Marketing studies make it clear that when using colors effectively, context is more important than the color itself.

Consumers tend to associate product types with certain colors. Scented candles, for example, typically come in a different palette than lawnmowers. It’s logical that lawnmowers would be packaged in bold colors promoting activity, and candles in more soothing and relaxing colors.

The marketer who tries to sell chainsaws by painting them pink is probably going to be disappointed in the results. Colors should also support the personality you are trying to convey with your brand. Surf wear has tones distinctive from high fashion evening wear, for instance.

The competition’s colors are another consideration. If everyone else’s packaging is blue, a red color scheme enables your product to stand out.

Let’s have a discussion about selecting colors for your promotional items that boost sales. Call 925-600-3006 to schedule an appointment with the marketing professionals at Pacific Color Graphics.

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