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Learning about Cannabis Packaging and the Laws Governing It

As California marijuana entrepreneurs become established, expertise in cannabis packaging design and production is increasingly in demand.

Marijuana businesses must comply with state laws governing the packaging of their product. At the same time, packaging must also appeal to consumers, many of whom may be buying pot for the first time.

A Glimpse at the State’s Cannabis Packaging Laws

Requirements drawn up by California’s new “Office of Manufactured Cannabis Safety” mandates that all packaging must:

  • Be see-through.
  • Not imply the product is candy. It’s forbidden to imitate packaging for products typically marketed to children.
  • Be resealable, if it contains more than one serving.
  • List the product’s ingredients.
  • Contain specific statements, including “Keep out of the Reach of Children,” “This Product May Impair the Ability to Drive or Operate Machinery,” and “If Pregnant or Breastfeeding, Consult a Physician Prior to Use”.
  • Include instructions for use.
  • Discourage tampering by being “tamper-obvious”.
  • Be child-resistant.
  • Include on the label the amount of sodium, sugar, carbohydrates, and fat per serving, if the product is edible.

Bringing Our Packaging Expertise to the Cannabis Industry

Pacific Color Graphics is one of Silicon Valley’s most experienced digital printing and marketing businesses. Our team has a long history of creating custom food and retail packaging solutions for clients who expect professional results.

We have carefully researched the California cannabis packaging laws to better serve potential clients as the marijuana retail industry matures.

Our talented designers have cutting-edge equipment at their disposal to produce packaging that appeals to consumers while complying with California law.

A Pacific Color Graphics package:

  • Stands out on the shelf. Like many consumers, cannabis shoppers often make their buying decision in the store. Consistent brand colors and typography, as well as high-quality materials, give our packages shelf impact.
  • Provides information consumers need and want. Pot buyers can be as discerning as any other consumer. We make certain that information of interest to consumers, such as nutritional and THC content, is easily identified on labels.

We know that we can produce successful packaging for the marijuana industry, because of our decades of success with all types of retail clients. Our expertise in cannabis packaging laws and marketing experience can benefit your new business.

Call 888-551-1482 or contact us online today to speak to one of our professionals.

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