Dynamic Retail Packaging Design

Retail packaging design is the final, critical step in the promotion of your product.

In today’s hyper-competitive world, even a sophisticated marketing campaign may not be enough to sell a product. Consumers are often unaware of your brand or may be deciding to buy on the spur of the moment from among the choices they see on the shelf.

Well-done retail packaging design that makes your brand stand out from the rest can make their all-important point-of-purchase choice an easy one.

Pacific Color Graphics has a team capable of developing creative packaging that turns heads. We’re experienced in the use of a range of materials for all types of products, and welcome the opportunity to work with existing as well as new brands.

We’re also eager to hear your ideas on how retail packaging design can improve sales of your products. Call a Pacific Color Graphics customer representative today at 888-551-1482 to schedule a meeting. Let’s discuss the possibilities.

How We Approach Retail Packaging Design

Pacific Color Graphics’ approach to retail packaging design is structured but creative. These principles guide and inspire our staff to do great work:

  • Understand the customer. Many design decisions fall into place when your target audience is clearly identified. Some consumers like to see a product sample outside the box; others may respond to clear packaging in which the product is visible. Colors, text, materials, and even size carry different interpretations by different target audiences.
  • Know the competition. Research at the retail level provides insight into knowing how and where the product will be displayed, and everything about competitors’ existing packaging and presentation.
  • Get their attention. Product packaging can be a billboard of sorts. Prominently displaying a product’s benefits, effectively using color and fonts, and sizing the packaging correctly are all important tactics to attract a potential buyer’s eye.
  • Keep price in mind — with Sales. Sometimes the best designs are the simplest or least expensive. Complex or intensely-designed packages can add to marketing costs…and could multiply sales with impact!

Pacific Color Graphics can apply your company’s existing marketing concepts to retail packaging design or develop new ideas especially for you. Call us today at 888-551-1482 .