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Why Corporate Gifting Matters and How to Do It Right

Why Corporate Gifting Matters and How to Do It Right

Corporate gifting is an excellent way to demonstrate how much you appreciate your employees. The perfect gift is always welcome, showing employees you recognize their efforts. Done right, it shines a positive light on your business, reflecting your priorities. But there’s an art form to this unexpected gesture – one that many companies struggle to get right. Fortunately, we’ve got your roadmap to success, helping you craft a high-impact gifting experience on-time and on-budget. Recognize your hard-working employees and celebrate each season with these corporate gifting tips.

Determine Your Corporate Gifting Budget in Advance

Figuring out your budget should be job one, before making your corporate gifting list. Determining how much to spend and staying within your means will reduce post-gifting stress. We offer a range of sought-after, high-quality promotional items to meet your budgetary needs, from the fun and affordable to luxury goods.

Establish Your Gifting Theme

Employees expect holiday gifts. However, an unexpected birthday, employment anniversary, or employee appreciation gift can be far more impactful. Think beyond the holiday season to make a lasting impression on employees. Whether you need holiday presents, birthday and anniversary gifts, or meeting swag, our extensive selection of promotional items offers options for any gifting theme, including:

  • Branded jackets and outdoor gear, perfect for the winter season
  • Work from home survival gear
  • Relaxation gift sets
  • Personalized and embroidered products
  • Gourmet coffee and tea
  • And much more

Practice Good Gifting Etiquette

Keep gift selections within a comparable price range for all employees, or base gifting expense on their years of service to ensure fairness for all. Review corporate gifting guidelines before making your selection to be sure you’re within rules, avoiding items that may be on the “no-no” list for your business.

Personalize Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts can be personalized with company colors, graphics, or slogans, or embroidered with employee names to make a lasting impression. They make employees feel special, like the gifts are designed just for them.

Let Your Employees Choose their Corporate Gift

If a one-size-fits all approach won’t work for your business, consider creating a swag store. With your own company store, designed and managed by the Pacific Color team, you can enjoy ultimate control over the types and value of gifts offered, while allowing employees to select their favorite company branded items. Send employees a printed card or electronic message with their gift amount, allowing them to choose their favorite gift among your holiday selections.

Consider How Employee Gifts Will Be Received

When selecting your gifts, don’t forget to consider how you will deliver them and the impact to your budget, calculating mailing or wrapping services into your corporate gifting expenses. Pacific Color Graphics can handle all your business’ personalized gifting needs, from sourcing and customizing your corporate gifts, to wrapping, packing, and shipping items nationwide direct to your door – or to your employees.

Corporate gifting matters. Do it right with help from Pacific Color Graphics. Select the perfect gift and create a memorable holiday experience. Contact us at 888-551-1482 to begin planning a corporate gifting strategy for your Bay Area, LA, NYC, Phoenix, or Orlando-area business today. 

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