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Best Practices for End-of-Aisle Product Placement Design

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The end of the aisle is among the most sought-after spaces in retail. So-called “end caps” are highly visible to shoppers and are equivalent to a brick-and-mortar storefront on a busy street.

Many companies miss opportunities to sell to consumers who buy impulsively by ignoring best practices for end-of-the-aisle product placement. Pacific Color Graphics, maker of eye-catching retail and POS displays, has a few marketing suggestions to help your take full advantage of profitable end cap displays:

  • Signage is important. Signs and other graphic displays should be professionally executed and enable buyers to easily see the price and identify the products. Video displays can be effective.
  • Make products accessible. Stacking heavy containers seven feet high is counter-productive – few shoppers are tall or strong enough to retrieve items at the top. Multiple shelves at varying heights make it effortless for shoppers to grab and go.
  • Keep the end cap display tidy and restocked. That means putting out fresh merchandise as often as necessary. Unsightly gaps on shelves are a turn-off to shoppers.
  • Group complementary items. Stocking several related products on an end cap has become a trend in recent years. For example, a display promoting picnic items may include pickles, tablecloths, plastic cutlery, and hamburger buns.
  • Keep the seasons in mind. Rotate displays to reflect the time of year – Christmas, Super Bowl team gear-party snacks-drinks, Valentine’s Day candy-cards-stuffed animals, the start of summer sunscreen-hats-bug spray, July 4 beer-coolers-chips, or the release of a blockbuster movie are all opportunities to sell products related to the seasons.

Along with creating compelling end cap and end-of-aisle displays, Pacific Color Graphics creates innovative product packaging that help your brands to stand out on store shelves. Talk to one of our creative retail designers today at 888-551-1482 and take advantage of every aisle’s hot selling spot!

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