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Differentiate Your Point of Sale Displays!

Retail Merchandising and POP design and productionBuyers today are overwhelmed with choices. Shelves jammed with products vie for attention, so companies increasingly rely on point-of-sales displays to draw shoppers’ eyes to a particular brand.

But the jumble of point-of-sale displays blunts their effectiveness. Pacific Color Graphics has the expertise to create vivid, powerful displays that rise above the rest to deliver your message to consumers.

Here’s how to differentiate your point-of-sale displays from competitors:

  • In-store testing. POS displays are ideal for short run use. Try developing several display concepts, then gauge consumers in-store response to the ideas, one at a time or in parallel depending on the product and sales cycle. Displays that elicit positive responses are retained and refined for maximum impact.
  • Professional designs count. We’d love you to utilize our premier digital printing and marketing skills, but no matter, professional design graphics sell. Your displays are your shot at capturing a prospective buyer’s attention. By spurring their imagination with color, wit and clear calls to action relevant to your project, a polished, professional look can generate the results you seek.
  • Persuasive messaging. The use of the right color, fonts and graphics to communicate are critical. It sets tone, creates perspective and reinforces brands. At the root of this ability is the understanding of the wants and needs of clients’ target customers.  A clear goal is needed in order to create the right marketing message.

Effective POS Displays Drive Sales

Still undecided about spending marketing dollars on point-of-sale displays?

Consider this: An effective point-of-sale display can boost the sales of a product by as much as 75 percent. Nearly two-thirds of consumers decide which product or brand to purchase in the store, not sooner. Spectacular spikes in sales are possible if you are able to differentiate your point-of-sale displays from competitors.

Relative low cost is another benefit to POS displays. Compared to other marketing methods, POS displays are relatively inexpensive to produce. Even outstanding displays are made up common materials such as cardboard, plastic, or foam board.

If you want to promote your brands and differentiate your point of sale displays we ask you to consider getting the help of Pacific Color Graphics. With the help of a talented team like ours, you can differentiate your point-of-sale display to separate your brand at the retail level from competitors.

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