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Cool Marketing Gadgets for Trade Shows

The modern trade show is rife with distractions. Clever promotional items can help your business rise above the non-stop presentations, talks and demonstrations.

Yes, swag is effective at spreading awareness of your brand, but it’s important to choose promotional products that have the right combination of novelty, quality, and practicality.

Here are some of the cool marketing gadgets for trade shows that the team at Pacific Color Graphics recommends to clients:

  • Customized fidget spinners. These spinning devices are supposed to relieve stress and improve concentration, but mostly they are just fun. The impressions they create as they spin in your hand can be fascinating. Spinners are inexpensive and come in an endless number of shapes, colors and styles, so feel free to hand out several types of customized spinners bearing your logo.
  • Stress balls. The popularity of spinners hasn’t put a dent in distribution of the ubiquitous stress ball. These balls can be every bit as fun as a spinner and, there is nothing cuter than a tiny football with your slogan right below the stitching.
  • Thumb drives. Always popular, these mini computer drives have a practical side – you can pre-load them with your company’s marketing materials. That saves space and makes it convenient for clients who do virtually all their reading on a computer monitor to view your information.
  • Bottle openers. Like fidget spinners, openers come in all kinds of styles, colors and materials. They range from simple metal plates with a notched opening to small facsimiles of a beer bottle; novelty openers are very popular. These are among the handiest promotional products you can distribute, and it’s nice to know that your company’s logo is plainly visible when it’s time to start the party.
  • Cell phone stands. Consumers who use a cell phone stand for the first time invariably wonder why it took them so long to get one of these handy items. They make viewing and using a cell phone at the desk much easier. Cell phone accessories are big nowadays, so check out the ring holders that attach to the back of your phone and “pop socket” grips that make holding your phone while texting a breeze.

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