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When Postcard Marketing Is Most Effective

Postcards deliver unsurpassed return-on-investment. Properly implemented, budget-friendly postcard campaigns provide a deluge of data you can use to further your future marketing goals. How can you avoid a lackluster response and achieve top-notch results? When direct mail is most effective, it focuses on marketing goals and potential customers with laser precision.

Impactful Postcard Content:

Can be read in a flash

  • Using clear, easily readable typefaces instead of artsy fonts. If you can’t read your card in seconds, your message will be lost.

Is printed with attention-grabbing colors

  • A single bright color or two contrasting tones like orange and blue, purple and yellow, or orange and black demands attention. Properly paired card and text colors are easy to read and not harsh on the eyes.

Stands out with direct, attention-grabbing headlines

  • Highly successful campaigns focus on one goal, such as a new product/service or upcoming sale. With only a few seconds to grab viewers’ attention, messages must be bold, direct, and eye-catching, using strong, descriptive words like:
    • Valuable
    • Money-saving
    • Premium
    • Superior
    • Expert
    • Professional

Uses powerful phrasing

postcard marketing
  • Campaigns with sharp, clear messages spur a fear of missing out, driving interested readers to find out more:
    • “Act now!”
    • “Free!”
    • “Save!”
    • “Limited time offer.”
    • “First come, first served.”

Highlights the offer on the back

  • This space (where the address goes) is often the first part of the postcard seen. This often-overlooked space is a great spot to highlight your promo. Our seasoned commercial printing service knows how to use it to its full advantage, without breaking USPS formatting rules.

Incorporates a logo

  • Familiarity boosts brand recognition.

Keeps it simple

  • The most successful direct mail advertising companies understand that postcards are small. Essentials only: Just the facts on how your product or service will benefit consumers. It’s crucial to quickly make your point and include an easy-to-follow call-to-action.

Does not fill every space

  • Filling every part of your postcard with colors or content overwhelms the reader. A balance between whitespace, photos/graphics, and information keeps cards out of the trash.

Knowing Your Intended Audience Expands Your Reach

Use highly targeted mailing lists

  • Successful marketers understand a campaign is only as strong as the audience it builds. Sending to the wrong recipients wastes time, money and postage. A highly targeted list of those who can benefit from your services is crucial.

Connect with friendly, informative speech

  • Keep your tone casual, avoiding a lengthy sales pitch in favor of a clear announcement and call to action. Industry-specific phrases used for online searches will boost engagement.

Deliver mid-week

  • Planning postcard arrival for this time increases visibility.

Ensure a repeat

  • Repetition is essential for messaging to resonate with consumers. A full campaign of at least four separate postcards boosts response.

Create an effective postcard marketing campaign that spurs customers to action. Contact Pacific Color Graphics at 888-551-1482 to start developing a direct mail campaign for your San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Oakland, Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, or Tempe business today.

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