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Thank Your Local Restaurant Workers by Buying Their Swag

promotional swag

Are you grateful that local restaurants are staying open to help you keep your family fed through the coronavirus pandemic? For those with minimal cooking skills or very little left in the pantry, area restaurants are a godsend. Despite this, many restaurants are struggling to keep their doors open, particularly those that previously catered primarily to eat-in customers, whose employees rely on tips to bolster their income.

Many restaurant workers were living from paycheck to paycheck before COVID-19 turned the world upside down and find themselves struggling even more in this time of uncertainty. With bar and restaurant closings and “take-out only” policies, no patrons means no income for those working for base wages plus tips. For laid-off wait staff, unemployment benefits leave little to live on.

Show local restaurants your support, helping them keep their doors open, employees paid, and your neighborhood fed. Thank area restaurant workers by buying their promotional products.

To Keep Employees Afloat, Many Restaurants are Raising Money with Swag

Many restaurants and other businesses are selling unique, branded swag to raise money to keep their doors open and sustain employees until COVID-19 concerns are quashed. These efforts provide foodie fans with fun flair while returning profits to employees. To help struggling businesses, Pacific Color Graphics is here to help restaurants and other local businesses, offering a soup-to-nuts approach to managing promotional fundraising needs.

The Pacific Color team can help businesses in any industry select promotional products that reflect their brand while including items patrons desire during the pandemic. We can set up and manage each online internal company store, promptly handling and shipping the purchases of your staff and supporters, helping your business raise much need revenue quickly and easily without adding to your daily workload. 

What Items are Local Restaurants Selling to Raise Money?

Pacific Color offers a variety of useful, functional, fun, and unique gear that your patrons will love to flaunt, promoting awareness of local business needs:   

  • Drinkware to get you through the day
    • Coffee presses, coffee bags and pods, and coffer lover’s kits to keep your clients caffeinated.
    • Thermal insulated tumblers and copper mugs for keeping coffee to temperature on busy days.  
    • Wine, pint, and rocks glasses, bottle openers, carafes, and more for post-work enjoyment.

  • Tech for tackling work-from-home tasks
    • Journals for keeping up with it all.
    • Pantone-matched blue light glasses to reduce eye strain.
    • Wireless chargers to ensure the juice needed to survive the day.
    • Air-Buds and speakers for privacy and assistance listening in noisy environments.
    • Wireless mouse devices and gel mouse pads for easing tired wrists.

  • Apparel to advertise on video meetings
    • Camera blockers for privacy pre-meeting.
    • Camera-ready, branded polo shirts for showcasing commitment to local businesses.
    • Washable jackets for ‘après COVID-19’ travel adventures.

  • Activities and treats to celebrate the end of a long work/homeschooling day
    • Blankets to cuddle up with while streaming.
    • Popcorn bins, potato chip, and treat boxes.
    • Games, cards, and puzzles to help bored families pass the time.
    • Massage and spa kits to reduce physical and mental stress.

Is your restaurant struggling to keep its doors open through the coronavirus crisis? Give your loyal patrons the opportunity to support your local business with customized, branded swag. Fill out our online contact form or contact Pacific Color Graphics at 888-551-1482 to request a quote today.

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