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Get Fit at Work!

Businessman exercising with dumbbells and getting fit at work

Fitness at work is a good thing for camaraderie, personal self and office morale. You might have noticed that we address this passion in our social media with #FitnessFriday. This stared as documentation of us heading to the gym as a group instead of happy hour after the last bell rings on Fridays.

Fitness, or a “workout” is not always changing your clothes and heading to the gym. There are small, yet significant, steps you can take everyday at work that will promote health and change, and you don’t have to look silly doing it.

Here are 5 steps you can take to incorporate fitness at work:

Go the Long Way

You have all heard “take the stairs instead of the elevator”, but we don’t do it. Why? Because we fail to practice this until it becomes habit, or even still, we work at a one-story building. All it takes is one excuse and fitness is over before it starts. Try creating distance to travel. For instance, pick a parking space further from the front door and call it “your space”. Park there everyday until your car guides itself into “your” slot. Chances are you won’t have much competition for it.

Pace On Your Phone

How much time to do you spend on the phone at your desk? Why not use that time pacing? We are pretty sure that your phone doesn’t have a cord anymore so take your call outside or just do laps around your workspace. It is important to respect other people’s workspace so stay in your “audible” territory, but these little steps really add up.

Start a Club

In one form or another, we all need a push. Set up a group workout before or after work. Send a group email to co-workers inviting them to join. This is what we did and we were amazed at how many people came on-board. The important thing here is to follow your scheduled workouts yourself and alone if need be. You want to provide a group option for slow comers even if the group hasn’t started yet.

Lunch At The Park

Don’t just bring your salad to a nice bench with a view, but get active. Bring a Frisbee or croquet set and a lunch you can eat on the go. Getting outdoors and getting active does not require any more effort than finding a seat at a table nearby but the elevated heart rate for 30 minutes and fresh air is immeasurable to your health.

They’re Right Over There

Be honest, how many calls or emails do you send to people in the office? Why not get up and go to their desk every now and then? Take the small jaunt across the office or organize small meetings in a designated room that allows you to push out your chair and stretch your legs. Again, this is a small task with big results over time and plus you get personal interaction.

You don’t have to be an Olympian to workout at work. There are countless ways to get your heart rate above idle and if you let people know your thoughts on the topic, we bet there are countless people that will want to join you!

Tune into our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages for more tips or share your own with #FitnessFriday.

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