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Bulk Mailing Design and Marketing Service

Bulk Mailing Design and Marketing Service

Are you still relying on pre-COVID marketing tactics? It’s time for a new strategy. Changes brought by coronavirus have consumers spending significantly more time at home, making it necessary for businesses to adapt their engagement tactics. Bulk mail is an excellent way to enhance your current campaign, offering you direct access into homes. Here, away from overloaded inboxes, you have a captive audience. Polls show 34% of consumers browse more direct mail ads now than pre-pandemic. And taking advantage of this inexpensive marketing tool is as easy as enlisting bulk mail design and marketing services from Pacific Color.

Ensure Direct Mail Success with Help from PCG’s Marketing Team

Building a direct mail marketing campaign doesn’t have to be a long, complicated process. With help from our experienced marketing and design team, you can develop an effective, affordable, customized bulk mail strategy in just a few short weeks, giving your business the boost it needs to push through your current pandemic slump. With our insight and resources, you can rise to the challenge of today’s changing market, engaging consumers right where they are.

Create a Multitouch Campaign, Keeping in Touch with Hot Prospects

Successful marketing managers know it takes more than a single communication with a prospect to secure a sale. A comprehensive, targeted, multitouch campaign, ranging from traditional mail to digital avenues driven by marketing automation software, ensures results. Keep your business in the spotlight, responding to interest with a thank you or follow-up offer, sending packages of interesting promotional advertising items to engage prospects, or reaching out with a different opportunity to gain the attention of non-responsive prospects. Testing different strategies is an excellent way to gain keen insight into your customers’ minds. 

Monitor Your Campaign’s Success

You can’t know if your marketing efforts are working if you don’t track results. Fortunately, measuring customer response is easy with:

Unique offer codes

Unique discount codes make tracking customer interest in your product or service a snap.

Dedicated landing pages

Creating a unique URL that links to a custom landing page on your website allows you to use site analytics to track visits. It’s also the ideal place to convince prospects to take advantage of special offers and turn them into customers.

Personalized URLs (PURLS)

PURLS and QR codes direct each recipient to a personalized landing page, such as Individualized, highly targeted mailers using personalized identifiers offer deeper insight into who’s responding to your campaign, allowing you to improve the effectiveness of future marketing efforts.

Engage potential customers at home. Boost your sales with direct mail. Contact Pacific Color Graphics and learn more about our bulk mail design and marketing services for San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Oakland, Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, and Tempe area businesses today.

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