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Direct Mail Marketing Services

Don’t get stuck in the digital realm. Create a more effective marketing campaign with direct mail marketing services from Pacific Color. Custom direct mailers lead the way in producing tangible results. Connect with consumers in a wide range of age groups, from Millennials to Boomers, with direct mail marketing.

Direct Mail Campaigns are More Effective than Email Alone

How does direct mail outshine digital-only campaigns and ramp up your visibility?

Direct mail is different

Direct mail is not associated with the usual swamp of email spam people wade through daily. It arrives with minimal physical mail, easily getting noticed as recipients peruse.

Direct mail secures sales

Direct mail and email campaigns get similar response rates, yet respondents purchase five times more with direct mail. Combining email and direct mail performs even better, generating six times more than email alone.

Direct mail has a long lifespan

While email is observed and deleted in seconds, direct mail lasts, on average, 17 days, left out to peruse in the home.

Direct Mail Includes Many Advertising Options

Choose from a multitude of options based on your budget and goals:

  • Postcards
  • Booklets
  • Catalogs
  • Promo-stuffed envelopes
  • Lotteries and scratch offs
  • Coupons for group mailers
  • And much more

Our bulk mailing design experts know how to style mailers to attract attention with eye-catching photography, minimal text, and a streamlined layout, like a physical social media post. We’ll help you plan the perfect mailing frequency to avoid appearing as spam, timing mailings for holidays or post-purchase to spur future sales.

Maximize Direct Mail Response Rates

Our direct mail marketing and fulfillment team can assist you with devising a highly effective campaign, including:

Special offers customers can’t resist

Don’t be stingy – go beyond small percentage discounts to snag that first sale or encourage repeat purchases. Time-sensitive specials and giveaways further generate excitement.

Targeted mailings

Focusing on existing customers or prospects who’ve expressed interest maximizes response rates. Our direct mail marketing experts can help you target your audience using USPS every door direct mail or your in-house mailing lists, because:

  • 68% will toss mail from unknown brands
  • 76% will discuss known brands
  • 54% will discuss known brands from which they haven’t purchased

Trackable landing pages and codes

Three-quarters of respondents look to the internet for further information. Creating landing pages for each specific offer makes it easy for customers to learn more. It’s also a great way to track results to enhance future marketing efforts.

Email follow-ups

Following up based on triggers a week after sending your mailer, after inquiry, and after purchase drives your message home. Using similar design elements to your direct mail marketing materials ensures brand recognition.

Put direct mail marketing services to work for your business with help from Pacific Color Graphics’ experienced team. Contact us at 888-551-1482 and start developing a direct mail campaign for your Silicon Valley, San Jose, San Francisco, Phoenix, Gilbert, Tempe, or Mesa business today.

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