Custom Banner Printing

 June 27, 2017    

Custom Banner Printing – Get Your Brand Noticed

Custom banner printing is all around us: on the sides of buildings, in stores, on vehicles, and along roadsides. We’re exposed to hundreds of banners every week.

Although these signs are ubiquitous, custom banner printing remains a major element of many businesses’ marketing strategies. That’s because a well-executed banner gets noticed, in spite of the competition.

Pacific Color Graphics excels at printing custom banners for individuals and companies. With our cutting-edge digital technology, there’s virtually no limit to what we can print on a banner.

With our team of experts working for you, all kinds of graphics, banner shapes, colors and fonts are at your disposal. Looking to update your brand? Pacific Color Graphics’ designers create eye-catching logos that can serve as a readily identified symbol of your marketing campaigns for years.

The Benefits of Professional Custom Banner Printing

Here’s why so many businesses choose custom banner printing over other methods of marketing:

  • Cost-effectiveness. Consider how much a radio or television ad costs to produce and air. Then people forget about it and the impact of your ad is lost. For a relatively modest initial investment, banners can remain in place for extended periods, reinforcing your message over and over.
  • Banners can be easily moved any time you want. Once an event is over, for example, a lightweight vinyl or fabric banner is a cinch to fold and transport to the next event.
  • With so many shapes and sizes available, you can put banners indoors, outdoors, wherever you wish. High-profile vehicle wraps take your message to the streets, to sporting events, or anywhere large crowds gather.
  • Pacific Color Graphics can print sharp graphics and vivid colors on all kinds of long-lasting materials. A vinyl banner can last for years, even if you display it outdoors.

Pacific Color Graphics provides a range of digital marketing services, including custom banner printing, for commercial enterprises in Palo Alto, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and across the U.S.

Call 888-551-1482 or contact us online to discuss custom banner printing services with one of our representatives.

Commercial Sign Production

 May 7, 2017    

Experts in Commercial Sign Production


Commercial sign production by Pacific Color Graphics levels the playing field for small- and medium-size businesses.

A grand format banner hung across a building front is inexpensive, but effective. Even large banners made of top-of-the-line materials are affordable when compared to advertising online, in magazines, or on TV, making them an ideal marketing tool for start-ups or companies on a budget.

Signage also offers another benefit; the ability to make a lasting impression. A banner hanging on a building at a busy intersection is seen by thousands of commuters each day, continually reinforcing the sign’s message for as long as it stays in place.

When a Pacific Color Graphics professional designs it, the banner is certain to turn heads on the street and become the cornerstone of a powerful marketing campaign.

Striking graphics, relatively low cost, and a high profile sustained over a long period are reasons that Pacific Color Graphics grand-format banners appear all over the Bay Area on office buildings, in sports locales, theaters, and at trade shows.

Pick Us for Commercial Sign Production

As a full-service marketing partner, Pacific Color Graphics is the perfect choice to produce your commercial signage. Here’s why:

  • We have the talent. In urban areas, banners are a popular way to communicate. Our team understands how to create signage that stands apart from the rest, skillfully using the right mix of graphics, color, and words to build a memorable marketing message. People remember our banners, and that translates into sales.
  • We have the equipment. Pacific Color Graphics’ huge printing facility is home to an Agfa Graphics Jeti 3020 Titan UV inkjet flatbed printer, an HP Indigo 3050 digital press, and a Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C8000. With these cutting-edge machines, we reproduce colors and graphics with incredible precision. We are also capable of printing signage on nearly any type of material, including durable substrates such as vinyl.

Grand format banners by Pacific Color Graphics are more affordable than you think. Call 888-551-1482 today or contact us online to learn more about our commercial sign production services.

Special Event Promotional Design

 March 30, 2017    

Promotional Design for Special Events That Remembers the Details

vehicle wrap services

Your big party will be a hit with expert special event promotional design services from Pacific Color Graphics.

As one of the Bay Area’s most prominent printing and marketing consultants, Pacific Color Graphics has a crew of professionals loaded with all kinds of creative ideas to make your event a huge success.

Do you have limited knowledge about planning and promoting a special event such as a premiere, product introduction, or corporate party? Relax. We have years of experience gained from helping our clients with the myriad details that add up to a memorable event.

A few of the areas in which Pacific Color Graphics can assist your business with special event promotional expertise include:

  • Food presentation. Small items such drink stirrers, cups, and napkins can have an impact on those attending an event. A well-designed logo or clever slogan on a simple cup often makes a lasting impression. We can even arrange for a beautiful ice sculpture of your choice to adorn your serving table.
  • Promotional products. Free stuff is popular at virtually any big event. Branded T-shirts, hats, caps, water bottles, or sporting goods such as golf towels remain in circulation around the home or office long after the party is over and spread the word about your product or service.
  • Vehicle wraps. A car, truck, or limousine clad in eye-catching graphics is certain to be the talk of the party. Vehicle wraps are powerful mobile marketing after the event, as well. Promote your brand on streets, highways, parking lots, or anywhere the vehicle travels.
  • A large-format banner placed at the entrance tells those attending that your event is special.
  • Invitations and more. Pacific Color Graphics produces pre-event invitations and posters that get noticed. We also print programs, informational brochures and other materials for distribution during the event or for follow-up marketing campaigns after the party.

With a 60,000 square-foot facility in Pleasanton, Pacific Color Graphics is capable of providing promotional assistance for large corporate events with hundreds or even thousands of attendees.

No job is too big, or too small.

Begin planning your event today by discussing our special event promotional design services with a Pacific Color Graphic professional. Call 1-888-551-1482.

Six Large Format Printing Ideas for Vehicles

 February 24, 2017    

vehicle wrap services

The marketing potential of vehicle wraps is enormous. A wrapped car or truck is a mobile billboard with wide exposure, and today’s quality wraps last for five to seven years.

If your business is considering using wraps as part of your marketing strategy, our digital marketing team at Pacific Color Graphics offers six unique large-format printing ideas for vehicles:

  • The blowing nose. An image of a man blowing his nose is given an eye-catching, multi-dimensional effect by incorporating real fabric as the “tissue.” As the vehicle moves, the billowing fabric is a surefire attention-getter.
  • Attack of the birds. A wrap of images of bird droppings all over a vehicle is great advertising for car washes.
  • Surfing driver. A car or truck door is adorned with the side view image of the bottom half of a person surfing. With a driver or passenger inside, the impression is comical. This concept also works for other types of “bottom half” images, including that of a bikini-suited woman lounging on the beach, or roller skater.
  • Interior, revealed. Designers have gotten creative with wraps that purport to “reveal” the interior of a vehicle. Images on rear doors of vans or truck expose everything from sharks swimming in a tank to workers stacking merchandise to enormous strawberries.
  • Playfully plaid. Want your vehicle to really stand out in traffic? Adorn it in a wrap of plaid, tartan, leopard print, polka dots, bubbles, or your company colors.
  • Doggie-tail wipers. Another multi-dimensional concept places the image of the back of a sitting dog in a rear window, situated so that the pooch’s “tail” is the wiper. It helps to replace the real wiper with a stylized one that somewhat resembles a dog’s tail.

Let’s Discuss the Possibilities of Large-Format Printing Ideas for Your Vehicles

Vehicle wraps have grown in popularity the last several years. A professional wrap has a low cost per impression and is an ideal way to playfully promote your brand.

Call 888-551-1482 today to talk to a digital marketing expert at Pacific Color Graphics. Learn more about how our large-format printing ideas for vehicles can give your company mobile visibility with staying power.

Top Five Business Promotional Items for 2017

 January 19, 2017    


Consumer expectations are raising the bar on promotional products. With target audiences demanding more choices and greater functionality, the team at Pacific Color Graphics provides its list of the top five business promotional items for 2017:

  1. Drinkware. Drink containers for on-the-go consumers are now multipurpose. Tumblers with compartments to hold ice or vitamin supplements are growing in popularity. One bottle even comes equipped with a detachable Bluetooth speaker.
  2. High tech products. Chargers for a smartphone-crazy population are huge. Promotional chargers feature multiple ports, wristbands for portability, even strobes that provide handy illumination. Additional accessories for cell phones, such as screen wipes and wrist straps, are also big. Other tech products include portable Bluetooth speakers for the home, office, or hotel room.
  3. Sportswear. Sweatshirts and caps will remain promotional staples in the foreseeable future, but the options for promotional sportswear are expanding. Virtually any type of active wear you can imagine, including socks and scarves, can be customized for promotional purposes.
  4. Fitness trackers. Fitbit is popular but not the only brand of fitness tracker. Other brands such as Garmin and Withings offer quality trackers that do more than just count steps. Features include built-in GPS and and heart rate gauges.
  5. Bags and more bags. As with other promotional items, bags of higher quality are the norm today, not the exception. A durable bag is necessary in order to carry all that free promotional stuff – or items purchased during a trip to the mall or supermarket. Vendors of promotional products are meeting the demand for bags that don’t wear out quickly by making them with nylon liners and stronger materials such as burlap and denim.

Personalize Your Promotional Products

A quality promotional item becomes that much more desirable when it’s personalized. Printing the name of a regular or potential customer on a promotional product helps them identify more closely with your brand.

Learn more about how the top five promotional products for 2017 can boost your marketing efforts by meeting with a Pacific Color Graphics customer representative. Call 888-551-1482 today.