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Product Packaging Designers

Product Packaging Designers for Today’s Market

The product packaging designers at Pacific Color Graphics help encourage consumers to make the leap between “opening” and “throwing away”; “considering” and “buying”; “impressed” and “so what?”

For your brand to stand out from your competitors’ in mailboxes, on the stock shelf, in grocery stores, or in shore windows, our product packaging designers keep in mind all the factors that influence a consumer’s decision, including:

  • Shape and materials. The all-important initial impression hinges on a package’s aesthetics. It’s the difference between your product being more closely examined by a consumer or being given only a passing glance.
  • Information. Spelling out exactly what a product contains or can do for them is important to potential buyers. Tell your story fast!
  • Colors. Choosing the right colors for your packaging is enormously important in attracting the attention of your target customer.
  • Fonts. Like colors, fonts on product packages can convey personality. Readability is also key and is frequently forgotten!

Pacific Color Graphics’ product packaging designers can get your new brand off to a good start, or create a new identity for an existing product that needs a boost.

Find out more about the connection between effective packaging and the impression your brands make on the store shelf. Talk to the product packaging designers at Pacific Color Graphics today.

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Society’s faster pace has changed marketing strategies, including how products are packaged.

More purchases than ever are made on impulse. With so many decisions to buy being made in the store, packaging that was once merely functional now has to be attractive and well-conceived for a brand to succeed in today’s marketplace.

A creative, appealing package can also have an impact beyond the store display. Young consumers are likely to share an image of a package on social media in recommending the product to friends. The first impression of a product that you get when you open a box can have a lasting effect on your perception of a product’s value.

Today, the packaging of your products is critical to your marketing strategy. Pacific Color Graphics can help.

We are based in Silicon Valley and we support clients throughout the US including companies in Palo Alto, Santa Clara, San Jose, San Francisco, Mountain View as well as in Chicago, New York, LA and Orlando.

Call Pacific Color today at 888-551-1482 to schedule an appointment with our product packaging designers.

Our Clients

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