Mass Mailing Services

For Businesses in the Bay Area or Throughout the US

When selecting a mass mailing service, businesses need to consider the effectiveness, cost and value of the service. A mass mailing service that targets the appropriate customer base with an effective message at the right time is a truly valuable corporate asset.

Many factors can affect results, but the goal for an existing client mailing list generally is a response rate of three percent for a letter-sized envelope mailing. A new prospect mailing list should generate a response rate of 1½ percent. Those are average response rate estimates from the Direct Marketing Association.

Pacific Color Graphics has a decade of experience in mass mailing services for the highly-competitive San Francisco Bay Area. We are a one-stop shop for your mail marketing design, print, and distribution needs, whether it’s postcards, letters, creative packaging, multi-step response marketing, or other creative promotional materials.

Our complete mass mailing service facility provides the flexibility of targeting your existing client list with one message and prospects with other relevant promotions.

For mass mailing service with exceptional customer service, call Pacific Color Graphics today at 888-551-1482 , or request a mail marketing quote online.

Factors in Choosing a Mass Mailing Service

Hiring a direct mailing service can be complicated. Mailing cost should always be a primary consideration when conceptualizing, designing and printing marketing pieces.

Pacific Color Graphics gets involved from the outset of a campaign. We’re able to recommend the size, design, paper type and printing method that gets the most out of your marketing dollar.

To provide a mass mailing service that is both effective and economical, Pacific Color Graphics offers:

  • Certified mailing addresses
  • Personalized mail pieces with client/prospect names, company and other list information
  • Addressing your pieces with crisp, professional technologies that save you money while providing an eye-catching final product

We also make every effort to ensure that your mailings qualify for the lowest possible postal rate.

Contact a Pacific Color Graphics representative today for more information on our mass mailing capabilities. We’re happy to work with you to help you achieve all of your mail, digital print, tradeshow, and distribution marketing goals.

Many of our Bay Area clients reside in the Pleasanton, San Francisco, San Jose, Walnut Creek, Oakland, and Palo Alto, CA areas, though our client base includes some of the largest and creative companies in the US.