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The Package Design and Printing Company With a Record of Success

The Package Design and Printing Company With a Record of Success

Pacific Color Graphics is the Silicon Valley-based package design and printing company that anticipates your marketing needs.

How is it possible for a company to instinctively understand your product and customers so well? Our years of experience working with clients such as the University of California-Berkeley, Sega and AT&T gives us the ability to quickly understand what works for each client’s application and target audience.

Our designers are skilled at creating successful marketing campaigns that resonate with existing and potential customers alike. As a package design and printing company, Pacific Color Graphics is able to draw the attention of consumers at the retail level while providing additional marketing services such as commercial printing, signage, even direct mail, fulfillment and distribution.

And while we’re adept at coming up with innovative ideas, we also love to work with in-house concepts for your company’s new and existing campaigns. Team with Pacific Color Graphics, Northern California’s package design and print company, to discover exciting new directions for your business.

Call 888-551-1482 for an appointment to sit down with one of our customer service specialists.

How Our Package Design and Printing Company Works For You

Pacific Color Graphics, as a package design and print company, has helped fuel sales for its client’s products through smart and innovative package design.

Packaging has the capability of communicating several key messages to sophisticated consumers at the most important stage of the purchasing process — the retail level:

  • Brand image. The shape of a package and the materials used play a huge role in establishing the personality of a product. Graphics, colors and fonts also convey a message to the shopper.
  • Price. The quality of the packaging can indicate whether a product is a good value in a way price tags do not.
  • Shelf appeal. Closely linked to brand image, the attractiveness of a product’s package on a shelf helps distinguish it from the competition.

An experienced package design and printing company can bolster your brands in ways you may not have imagined. Call Pacific Color Graphics today to find out how. Our number is 888-551-1482 .

Our Clients

  • 2K Logo 40
  • Anaplan Logo 40
  • ATT
  • Autodesk Logo 40
  • Namco
  • Brondell
  • Columbus
  • Crowdstrike
  • Dome9
  • Google Cloud Logo 40
  • Igloo Logo 40
  • NIS
  • Penumbra
  • Porcelanosa
  • Playstation
  • Public Works
  • Rodan
  • ServiceNow
  • Silva Sausage Logo 40
  • Snowflake
  • Sumo Logic Logo 40
  • Talkdesk
  • Trinet
  • Twitch Logo 40
  • UBI
  • WileX
  • Wrike Logo 40