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Food Packaging

Innovative Food Packaging Design Services

We find the best design, brand, materials and packaging efficiency for sales

Food packaging encompasses how the food is boxed, bagged and sealed, as well as displayed and wrapped for the consumer.

Packaging communicates flavor, lifestyle, price, as well as nutritional information. It can differentiate your brand from the competition, and it protects the product from damage or contamination. Consumers’ impressions can also be shaped by the way a product feels in the hand when it’s first taken off the shelf.

As much as any aspect of marketing, innovative food packaging can refresh sales of an existing product, reinvigorate a mature product, and help a new product gain a foothold in today’s challenging marketplace. Size, colors, shapes, materials, and texture considerations are important before a food goes to market.

Let Pacific Color Graphics help your company to craft the packaging and design for your food product. Our designers use creative materials, sensory feedback, and creative design solutions that enable your brand to stand apart during a walk down the grocery aisle.

With so much riding on the success of your product, it’s worth your time to have a serious discussion with the Pacific Color team. We can show you what we’ve accomplished for other clients in the field of food packaging design.

Call one of our customer service representatives today at 888-551-1482 for a consultation on what can be done to create an efficient and effective food packaging solution.

Why Should We Be Your Food Packaging Design Partner?

It’s time to consider taking advantage of the skills at Pacific Color. Here’s why:

  • We’re design and packaging experts. Over many years and dozens of clients, we’ve developed all kinds of highly effective packaging solutions that prevent tampering and meet safety, chemical, and biological needs.
  • A fresh design perspective. If your marketing duties have always been handled in-house, let Pacific Color rethink your food packaging design approach. An independent viewpoint can breathe new life into a product in a way you may not have imagined.
  • Cost savings. Smart food packaging can save money in terms of cost of materials, reduced shipping costs, and reduction of product waste.

Let’s talk. Call Pacific Color today at 888-551-1482 to discuss the endless opportunities!

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