Business to Consumer Fulfillment Challenges

 April 27, 2017    

Overcoming Business-to-Consumer Fulfillment Challenges



With the help of Pacific Color Graphics, you can overcome business-to-consumer fulfillment challenges and create successful interactions that grow your bottom line.

Today’s buying public expects product delivery to be fast, with no hassles. When consumers respond to your marketing strategies, such as direct mail or in-store promotions, a problem-free fulfillment process is essential in satisfying their expectations and converting them into loyal customers.

The Pacific Color Graphics team has kept pace with the explosion of specialty fulfillment services over the last several years. We handle all aspects of fulfillment, even providing marketing expertise by anticipating which products will generate the most interest.

When you trust us to handle your fulfillment needs, you no longer need to be concerned with challenges such as:

  • Warehouse space. High rental prices have many companies reconsidering their warehousing operation. Is it really worth reserving valuable space in your building for storing bulky materials?
  • Pacific Color Graphics handles all your shipping needs efficiently, tracking products and making certain there are no costly delays. We’re able to handle high-volume orders, too.
  • When you outsource fulfillment to us, employees who had been dedicated to organizing, packaging and shipping can turn their attention to your core services. There’s no need to hire extra help during busy seasons.
  • Providing quality products. Pacific Color Graphics offers a huge variety of well-made promotional items that people want, reflecting positively on your company. We’re able to print your logo or message on all types of clothing, sporting goods, and office equipment.
  • Durable packaging. We create customized packaging solutions that ensure your product will arrive at its destination without damage.

We Handle Fulfillment across the USA

When it comes to marketing services, Pacific Color Graphics does it all.

In addition to fulfillment, we provide a wide range of digital printing services, installation and management of internal online company stores, promotional products, point-of-purchase displays, and customized packaging.

Clients frequently discover outsourcing to us is more cost-effective than maintaining in-house marketing departments. Our services are available to clients in Palo Alto, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and across the United States.

Call 888-551-1482 today to discuss business-to-consumer fulfillment services, or any marketing service, with a Pacific Color Graphics expert.

Special Event Promotional Design

 March 30, 2017    

Promotional Design for Special Events That Remembers the Details

vehicle wrap services

Your big party will be a hit with expert special event promotional design services from Pacific Color Graphics.

As one of the Bay Area’s most prominent printing and marketing consultants, Pacific Color Graphics has a crew of professionals loaded with all kinds of creative ideas to make your event a huge success.

Do you have limited knowledge about planning and promoting a special event such as a premiere, product introduction, or corporate party? Relax. We have years of experience gained from helping our clients with the myriad details that add up to a memorable event.

A few of the areas in which Pacific Color Graphics can assist your business with special event promotional expertise include:

  • Food presentation. Small items such drink stirrers, cups, and napkins can have an impact on those attending an event. A well-designed logo or clever slogan on a simple cup often makes a lasting impression. We can even arrange for a beautiful ice sculpture of your choice to adorn your serving table.
  • Promotional products. Free stuff is popular at virtually any big event. Branded T-shirts, hats, caps, water bottles, or sporting goods such as golf towels remain in circulation around the home or office long after the party is over and spread the word about your product or service.
  • Vehicle wraps. A car, truck, or limousine clad in eye-catching graphics is certain to be the talk of the party. Vehicle wraps are powerful mobile marketing after the event, as well. Promote your brand on streets, highways, parking lots, or anywhere the vehicle travels.
  • A large-format banner placed at the entrance tells those attending that your event is special.
  • Invitations and more. Pacific Color Graphics produces pre-event invitations and posters that get noticed. We also print programs, informational brochures and other materials for distribution during the event or for follow-up marketing campaigns after the party.

With a 60,000 square-foot facility in Pleasanton, Pacific Color Graphics is capable of providing promotional assistance for large corporate events with hundreds or even thousands of attendees.

No job is too big, or too small.

Begin planning your event today by discussing our special event promotional design services with a Pacific Color Graphic professional. Call 1-888-551-1482.

Fast Packaging Design and Printing Services

 March 17, 2017    

Meet Deadlines with Our Fast Packaging Design and Printing Services


Pacific Color Graphics’ quick packaging design and printing services keep up with the brisk pace of business today.

A longtime Bay Area digital printing company, Pacific Color Graphics can deliver a variety of marketing services that meet the tightest deadlines, and your high standards for quality.

Short turnaround times that seem almost impossible to achieve are no problem for us. Here’s how we are able to expedite packaging and printing jobs and successfully keep your project on track:

  • Our spacious, modern plant in Pleasanton is equipped with cutting-edge equipment. We can print virtually anything on offset and web print machines. A 6½x10-foot Agfa Graphics Jeti 3020 Tita UV inkjet flatbed printer is among our hardest workers. At 60,000 square feet, our facility has the room to handle multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Pacific Color Graphics’ team of talented professionals places a premium on working efficiently. We understand even slight delays can be costly to our clients. We’re well staffed, so when we face difficult deadlines, we’re able to gather all our resources to get the job done on time.
  • Partners that provide specialized services such as promotional products and delivery are seamlessly integrated into our overall process. We don’t waste time searching for sub-contractors, because we have close, long-standing working relationships with partners who have proved they are dependable and do good work.

Our Quick, Reliable Packaging Design and Print Services Can Save You Money

With a team of seasoned pros, trusted partners and the best technology available, Pacific Color Graphics’ operation is built for speed.

The fast turnarounds we provide help you stay on schedule, but also save you money. Our super-productive business model enables us to keep prices competitive, beating quotes from most other companies.

We’re often able to save money for clients of all sizes, from the University of California-Berkeley or AT&T to entrepreneurial start-ups.

If your business can’t afford to pay exorbitant rates to meet a tight deadline, call 888-551-1482 today to speak to a Pacific Color Graphics marketing consultant about our fast packaging design and printing services.

Six Large Format Printing Ideas for Vehicles

 February 24, 2017    

vehicle wrap services

The marketing potential of vehicle wraps is enormous. A wrapped car or truck is a mobile billboard with wide exposure, and today’s quality wraps last for five to seven years.

If your business is considering using wraps as part of your marketing strategy, our digital marketing team at Pacific Color Graphics offers six unique large-format printing ideas for vehicles:

  • The blowing nose. An image of a man blowing his nose is given an eye-catching, multi-dimensional effect by incorporating real fabric as the “tissue.” As the vehicle moves, the billowing fabric is a surefire attention-getter.
  • Attack of the birds. A wrap of images of bird droppings all over a vehicle is great advertising for car washes.
  • Surfing driver. A car or truck door is adorned with the side view image of the bottom half of a person surfing. With a driver or passenger inside, the impression is comical. This concept also works for other types of “bottom half” images, including that of a bikini-suited woman lounging on the beach, or roller skater.
  • Interior, revealed. Designers have gotten creative with wraps that purport to “reveal” the interior of a vehicle. Images on rear doors of vans or truck expose everything from sharks swimming in a tank to workers stacking merchandise to enormous strawberries.
  • Playfully plaid. Want your vehicle to really stand out in traffic? Adorn it in a wrap of plaid, tartan, leopard print, polka dots, bubbles, or your company colors.
  • Doggie-tail wipers. Another multi-dimensional concept places the image of the back of a sitting dog in a rear window, situated so that the pooch’s “tail” is the wiper. It helps to replace the real wiper with a stylized one that somewhat resembles a dog’s tail.

Let’s Discuss the Possibilities of Large-Format Printing Ideas for Your Vehicles

Vehicle wraps have grown in popularity the last several years. A professional wrap has a low cost per impression and is an ideal way to playfully promote your brand.

Call 888-551-1482 today to talk to a digital marketing expert at Pacific Color Graphics. Learn more about how our large-format printing ideas for vehicles can give your company mobile visibility with staying power.

Large Format Printing Ideas For Business

 January 30, 2017    

Clever Large-Format Printing Ideas for Business


Large-format printing  has changed marketing practices in the last several years.

While it’s not new, technological advances in large-format printing have opened up a world of graphic images that didn’t exist a few years ago. The Pacific Color Graphics team embraces these creative challenges, and with the help of Pinterest, offers a few large-format printing ideas for your business:

  • The building-size banner with a twist. A five-story sign advertising a water park slide, displayed in actual size, plays off the real-life metal fire escape ladder next to it.
  • Revealing elevator ads. Elevator ads are easy to ignore because they’re boring. One imaginative marketer publicized a Superman movie by using an image of a man’s suited chest, hands poised to open the jacket, on the exterior door of an elevator. The door opens to reveal a second image, on the back wall, of the exposed “S” on his chest.
  • Innovative sandwich boards. Those two-sided advertising boards worn by a person on the street are making a comeback, thanks to ingenious use of graphics. One original use is a sandwich board designed for the Torture Museum. It replicates the medieval practice of pillorying with an image of wooden stocks and by having the wearer put head and hands in strategically placed holes in the board.
  • Waiting for a bus can be fun. Clever graphics on the interiors of bus kiosks take advantage of a captive audience: commuters waiting for their ride. One graphic aims to recreate the feeling of a blissful vacation by using the image of the bottom half of a person standing in a country stream, inner tube around their waist. The top half of the ad is a mirror that reflects the person looking at the ad.

Let’s Discuss Large-Format Printing Ideas for Your Business

Pacific Color Graphics has a creative staff prepared to design a marketing campaign for your business, centered around large-format printing. Call 888-551-1482 today to discuss large-format printing ideas for your business with a Pacific Color Graphics customer representative.