Commercial Sign Production

 May 7, 2017    

Experts in Commercial Sign Production


Commercial sign production by Pacific Color Graphics levels the playing field for small- and medium-size businesses.

A grand format banner hung across a building front is inexpensive, but effective. Even large banners made of top-of-the-line materials are affordable when compared to advertising online, in magazines, or on TV, making them an ideal marketing tool for start-ups or companies on a budget.

Signage also offers another benefit; the ability to make a lasting impression. A banner hanging on a building at a busy intersection is seen by thousands of commuters each day, continually reinforcing the sign’s message for as long as it stays in place.

When a Pacific Color Graphics professional designs it, the banner is certain to turn heads on the street and become the cornerstone of a powerful marketing campaign.

Striking graphics, relatively low cost, and a high profile sustained over a long period are reasons that Pacific Color Graphics grand-format banners appear all over the Bay Area on office buildings, in sports locales, theaters, and at trade shows.

Pick Us for Commercial Sign Production

As a full-service marketing partner, Pacific Color Graphics is the perfect choice to produce your commercial signage. Here’s why:

  • We have the talent. In urban areas, banners are a popular way to communicate. Our team understands how to create signage that stands apart from the rest, skillfully using the right mix of graphics, color, and words to build a memorable marketing message. People remember our banners, and that translates into sales.
  • We have the equipment. Pacific Color Graphics’ huge printing facility is home to an Agfa Graphics Jeti 3020 Titan UV inkjet flatbed printer, an HP Indigo 3050 digital press, and a Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C8000. With these cutting-edge machines, we reproduce colors and graphics with incredible precision. We are also capable of printing signage on nearly any type of material, including durable substrates such as vinyl.

Grand format banners by Pacific Color Graphics are more affordable than you think. Call 888-551-1482 today or contact us online to learn more about our commercial sign production services.

Fast Packaging Design and Printing Services

 March 17, 2017    

Meet Deadlines with Our Fast Packaging Design and Printing Services


Pacific Color Graphics’ quick packaging design and printing services keep up with the brisk pace of business today.

A longtime Bay Area digital printing company, Pacific Color Graphics can deliver a variety of marketing services that meet the tightest deadlines, and your high standards for quality.

Short turnaround times that seem almost impossible to achieve are no problem for us. Here’s how we are able to expedite packaging and printing jobs and successfully keep your project on track:

  • Our spacious, modern plant in Pleasanton is equipped with cutting-edge equipment. We can print virtually anything on offset and web print machines. A 6½x10-foot Agfa Graphics Jeti 3020 Tita UV inkjet flatbed printer is among our hardest workers. At 60,000 square feet, our facility has the room to handle multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Pacific Color Graphics’ team of talented professionals places a premium on working efficiently. We understand even slight delays can be costly to our clients. We’re well staffed, so when we face difficult deadlines, we’re able to gather all our resources to get the job done on time.
  • Partners that provide specialized services such as promotional products and delivery are seamlessly integrated into our overall process. We don’t waste time searching for sub-contractors, because we have close, long-standing working relationships with partners who have proved they are dependable and do good work.

Our Quick, Reliable Packaging Design and Print Services Can Save You Money

With a team of seasoned pros, trusted partners and the best technology available, Pacific Color Graphics’ operation is built for speed.

The fast turnarounds we provide help you stay on schedule, but also save you money. Our super-productive business model enables us to keep prices competitive, beating quotes from most other companies.

We’re often able to save money for clients of all sizes, from the University of California-Berkeley or AT&T to entrepreneurial start-ups.

If your business can’t afford to pay exorbitant rates to meet a tight deadline, call 888-551-1482 today to speak to a Pacific Color Graphics marketing consultant about our fast packaging design and printing services.

Banners and Signs Enhance Visibility

 November 1, 2016    

Banners and Signs Enhance Visibility, Build Your Brands

Banners And Signs Enhance Visibility

Bold, informative signage is a staple of marketing campaigns. Banners and signs enhance visibility and build brands at relatively low cost.  Signs and banners can provide directions, announce and promote products, create questions, answer questions or sometimes even puzzle the average observer!

Pacific Color Graphics designs and produces eye-catching signage for companies of all sizes. A creative banner placed strategically in an area with heavy traffic works just as effectively for a start-up as it does for an established corporation.

Here are some of the reasons banners and signs printing is a large part of Pacific Color Graphics’ business:

  • Large signs draw the most attention. Our team uses modern printing technology and creative talent to manufacture huge banners with vivid graphics, colors and text that are sharp and easy to see from long distances.
  • Pacific Color Graphics is capable of printing your logo or message on virtually any type of material, including high quality vinyl, fabric, wind mesh or rigid plastic stock. The tougher the material, the better that your banner will stand up to sun, wind, rain, and temperature extremes. A single sign made of durable material can be used repeatedly over the course of several marketing campaigns.
  • Banners can be placed almost anywhere large numbers of people will view them: indoors, at trade shows or retail outlets; and outdoors, off buildings, near a downtown intersection, off the freeway, or even towed by a blimp or airplane. You should vary the size of your banner according to where it is placed. Pacific Color Graphics will help you design your signs and banner for maximum readability based on placement and even time allowed to view it.
  • Return on investment. Affordable banners expose your brand to large numbers of potential customers much longer than a radio or television commercial, or a magazine ad. And they can be reused for trade shows, seasonal offerings, regular items like job hirings, and more.

Learn more about how your custom banners and signage can enhance visibility, builds brands and boosts your bottom line. Call Pacific Color Graphics today at 888-551-1482 to learn how banners and signs enhance visibility and build brands.

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Large Scale Outdoor Graphics

 October 5, 2016    

Affordable and Effective Large-Scale Outdoor Graphics

large scale outdoor graphics

Because of their size, large-scale outdoor graphics may seem to be an expensive use of precious marketing dollars.

But when you consider their ability to display your message to thousands, even millions of motorists and pedestrians in an urban setting over the course of several days, investing in large-scale outdoor ads results in a far better return-on-investment than purchasing television or radio ads.

Pacific Color Graphics is a full-service digital printing and marketing company with wide-format capabilities and a creative team of employees. We design and produce eye-catching outdoor graphics to build awareness of your products and services at an affordable price.

Look at what large-scale outdoor graphics can offer:

  • An oversized statement. Today, with so many marketing messages competing for the attention of consumers, bigger is better. Colorful, building-sized banners as tall as two stories can be seen from afar on busy streets and freeways.
  • A single banner can easily be moved from place to place over several months. For a single purchase, your business receives multiple, fresh exposures to a new audience.
  • A lingering message. Motorists stopped in traffic may focus on an outdoor graphic for nearly a minute, far longer than an ad in a magazine or on the internet. Pedestrians may study a banner ad for even longer. In some cases, a well-placed banner may be seen by the same person at least twice a day.
  • Effective directionals. Is your place of business off the beaten path? A huge banner sign can draw customers by pointing the way to your location.

Pump up the size of your message with large-scale outdoor graphics conceived and produced by Pacific Color Graphics. Call 925-600-3006 today to talk to one of our customer representatives.

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Direct Mail and Email Promotional Campaigns to be Remembered

 September 1, 2016    

direct mail and email promotional campaigns to be rememberedProduct and service promotions that include direct mail and email campaigns are an inexpensive and effective way to diversify your marketing efforts. We build direct and email promotional campaigns to be remembered.

The team at Pacific Color Graphics can design and launch a direct marketing strategy that offers your business tangible, ongoing results. We support direct campaigns by providing quality printing and mailing services that provide personalized, targeted communication with potential consumers.

Marketing campaigns that feature direct mail postcards and emails can easily be customized to each customer or potential customer, and narrowed to select audiences most likely to use your product or services. Successful campaigns feature a number of channels for potential consumers to conveniently respond on their smartphones or other devices using coupon codes, website landing pages, texting or phone numbers.

Direct marketing campaigns are popular because they are relatively inexpensive and offer quantifiable results. For example, a 300-postcard mailing campaign that yields 55 responses has a success rate of 18 percent. The success of email campaigns also can be easily measured through open rates and click-throughs.

Once responses begin to roll in, Pacific Color Graphics is ready with followup services that include:

  • Promotional items. We have the capability of printing your logo, slogan or message on a variety of items that consumers desire – sporting goods, clothing, household and office products. Quality promotional items are a great incentive for consumers to respond to your initial communication.
  • Fulfillment services. A direct marketing campaign is only as successful as its fulfillment services. Pacific Color Graphics offers professional order, mailing, distribution and fulfillment services that save you money and enable your small or modestly sized business to level the field against larger competitors.

Pacific Color Graphics is a graphics printing company that offers a range of marketing services, including direct mail and email promotional campaigns to remember, for clients with all types of budgets. Call 888-551-1482 today to speak to a member of the Pacific Color Graphics team.

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