Silicon Valley Leads In Tech and Commercial Printing

 August 10, 2017    

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Thanks to a strong entrepreneurial spirit and Pacific Color Graphics, Silicon Valley leads in tech and commercial printing.

At a brisk pace, Silicon Valley businesses are introducing the world to cutting-edge technology such as:

  • So-called quantum computers that run far faster than classical computers and perform an enormous range of functions that were not possible a few short years ago.
  • Self-driving cars, which promise to be safer than today’s vehicles and ease traffic congestion in big cities.
  • Ride-sharing, the on-demand service that has revolutionized the way people get from place to place in cities across the globe. In just the last few years, ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft have fundamentally altered the daily lives of millions of people.

So how do tech enterprises in Silicon Valley keep people informed of these and other exciting innovations?

In Silicon Valley Commercial Printing Informs the Public

Even groundbreaking technological advances need to be marketed to the public. Commercial printing companies such as Pacific Color Graphics are effective marketing partners for tech businesses trying to gain mass attention.

Experienced commercial printers are able to provide digital printing services that include:

  • Package design and manufacturing. Consumers often make decisions to buy at the retail level. Technological products that can be purchased off the shelf need to stand apart from competitors and convey important user information,
  • Trade show prep. Creatively designed booths that draw traffic, along with promotional products that keep brand names in circulation, are two important ways to make an impression with potential customers at conventions and trade shows.
  • Head-turning signage. Long-lasting banner signs printed with striking graphics, colors and lettering are portable and can be displayed virtually anywhere – buildings, bridges, storefronts, windows, even towed by airplanes.
  • Brochures and other printed materials. Traditional marketing tools such as media press kits, informational packets and direct mail are making a comeback. Professionally produced printed materials that are well designed with a compelling call to action are an investment that generates sales leads.

The success of a startup often hinges on quickly convincing the public of the value of its product or service. As the Silicon Valley leads in tech, commercial printing services from companies such as Pacific Color Graphics inform the world of their successes. Call 888-551-1482 or contact us online to learn more.

Custom Banner Printing

 June 27, 2017    

Custom Banner Printing – Get Your Brand Noticed

Custom banner printing is all around us: on the sides of buildings, in stores, on vehicles, and along roadsides. We’re exposed to hundreds of banners every week.

Although these signs are ubiquitous, custom banner printing remains a major element of many businesses’ marketing strategies. That’s because a well-executed banner gets noticed, in spite of the competition.

Pacific Color Graphics excels at printing custom banners for individuals and companies. With our cutting-edge digital technology, there’s virtually no limit to what we can print on a banner.

With our team of experts working for you, all kinds of graphics, banner shapes, colors and fonts are at your disposal. Looking to update your brand? Pacific Color Graphics’ designers create eye-catching logos that can serve as a readily identified symbol of your marketing campaigns for years.

The Benefits of Professional Custom Banner Printing

Here’s why so many businesses choose custom banner printing over other methods of marketing:

  • Cost-effectiveness. Consider how much a radio or television ad costs to produce and air. Then people forget about it and the impact of your ad is lost. For a relatively modest initial investment, banners can remain in place for extended periods, reinforcing your message over and over.
  • Banners can be easily moved any time you want. Once an event is over, for example, a lightweight vinyl or fabric banner is a cinch to fold and transport to the next event.
  • With so many shapes and sizes available, you can put banners indoors, outdoors, wherever you wish. High-profile vehicle wraps take your message to the streets, to sporting events, or anywhere large crowds gather.
  • Pacific Color Graphics can print sharp graphics and vivid colors on all kinds of long-lasting materials. A vinyl banner can last for years, even if you display it outdoors.

Pacific Color Graphics provides a range of digital marketing services, including custom banner printing, for commercial enterprises in Palo Alto, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and across the U.S.

Call 888-551-1482 or contact us online to discuss custom banner printing services with one of our representatives.

Build Employee Morale with Company Swag

 June 6, 2017    


Building employee and customer morale using company swag is easier than you imagine.

Pacific Color Graphics creates and manages online company stores that serve as clearinghouses for businesses’ promotional items. Through such a store, employees have access to a variety of products that feature your company’s logo, message, slogans, colors and graphics.

An online company store is the ideal outlet for supplying customers and the public with items that keep your brand exposed. Combined with social functions that focus on employees and their families, the stores will bolster company morale and express your appreciation for employees’ everyday contributions, so vital to the overall success of your business.

We design, create and fulfill the swag orders too!

Pacific Color Graphics will design, create and fulfill all of the products for you, ensuring commitments to quality, delivery and pricing.  Your team just goes online to the company store, orders what they want, costs are assigned to your budget centers, and we build and ship.  It’s that easy.

Providing employees with products via an online company store does not replace a bonus or increase in salary, but employees still appreciate free swag.

Promotional items are so popular that many companies substitute more traditional work clothing with imprinted shirts, hats and caps that serve as an informal work uniform.

Events that Crave Promotional Items for your Team and Clients

Here are just a few of the instances in which company swag can bring your team together:

  • Volunteer events. Serving a holiday meal to the homeless is a terrific way to instill pride while doing good. A side benefit: employees who wear polo or t-shirts and caps with your logo during the event spread the message that the people who work for your company have big hearts.
  • Sporting events. A bowling night, golf tournament or fun run enables your employees to bond with each other outside the office. Gear from your online company store used during the event, including water bottles, mini-towels, sweatbands, shirts, and balls, keep memories of the event fresh.
  • Team-building exercises. These exercises can range from a lunchtime ping-pong tournament to weekend-long retreat. Employees who order tote bags, pens and pencils, and thumb drives for the exercise can continue to use the items after the exercise is over.
  • Picnics, potlucks, or dinners. These informal get-togethers can be planned for a workday or as a special outing for employees’ and their families. Koozies that keep your drink cold, cups, mugs, and visors to keep the sun away are all perfect giveaways for these outings.

Call Us for Company Store and Promotional Items Info

Learn more about how promotional products and online company stores build employee morale. Call a Pacific Color Graphics team member today at 888-551-1482.

Trade Show Product Support

 May 30, 2017    

We Offer Complete Trade Show Product Support


Are you participating in a trade show but want to make a better splash than you have in the past?  Need some ideas and creative help? You can rely on Pacific Color Graphics, the experts in creating a powerful trade show presence for your company.

In today’s competitive environment, trade shows can be a powerful springboard toward establishing a new company or brand. As a full-service digital printing and marketing partner, our team has helped many businesses create compelling trade show presentations that turn curious observers into enthusiastic customers.

Pacific Color Graphics helps your enterprise make a bold first impression with trade show support that includes:

  • Booths or tents strategically designed to allow your staff to easily engage trade show attendees and prominently display the benefits of your products or services
  • Attention-getting banner signage that is visible throughout a cavernous convention center or arena. We know how to use color, graphics and fonts effectively to deliver an on-point sales message
  • Popular promotional items such as sports equipment or clothing imprinted with your logo. Trade show attendees have to come to expect “grab bags” loaded with swag. Pacific Color Graphics can help you prepare grab bags of quality items that enable your company to stand apart from competitors
  • Full-color printed takeaway materials such as binders, brochures and direct mail postcards that generate pre-trade show interest, are handed out during the show, or mailed in the days after the show to follow up on potential leads
  • In-booth materials for company representatives, including lanyards, name badges, hats and caps, shirts, and table coverings.

Plan Your Trade Show Presentation with Us

Pacific Color Graphics has a depth of experience in helping companies prepare for trade shows. Our expertise is particularly valuable for newer businesses or those that have never participated in a trade show.

Showcasing your product or service takes planning. Initial preparations should start as much as a year ahead of the trade show.  We make Herculean efforts to fulfill emergency orders on print and promotional items, but for it is best for success to give plenty of time for printing, binding and shipping to your location.

Begin discussing trade show product support with the Pacific Color Graphics team today Call 888-551-1482.

Commercial Sign Production

 May 7, 2017    

Experts in Commercial Sign Production


Commercial sign production by Pacific Color Graphics levels the playing field for small- and medium-size businesses.

A grand format banner hung across a building front is inexpensive, but effective. Even large banners made of top-of-the-line materials are affordable when compared to advertising online, in magazines, or on TV, making them an ideal marketing tool for start-ups or companies on a budget.

Signage also offers another benefit; the ability to make a lasting impression. A banner hanging on a building at a busy intersection is seen by thousands of commuters each day, continually reinforcing the sign’s message for as long as it stays in place.

When a Pacific Color Graphics professional designs it, the banner is certain to turn heads on the street and become the cornerstone of a powerful marketing campaign.

Striking graphics, relatively low cost, and a high profile sustained over a long period are reasons that Pacific Color Graphics grand-format banners appear all over the Bay Area on office buildings, in sports locales, theaters, and at trade shows.

Pick Us for Commercial Sign Production

As a full-service marketing partner, Pacific Color Graphics is the perfect choice to produce your commercial signage. Here’s why:

  • We have the talent. In urban areas, banners are a popular way to communicate. Our team understands how to create signage that stands apart from the rest, skillfully using the right mix of graphics, color, and words to build a memorable marketing message. People remember our banners, and that translates into sales.
  • We have the equipment. Pacific Color Graphics’ huge printing facility is home to an Agfa Graphics Jeti 3020 Titan UV inkjet flatbed printer, an HP Indigo 3050 digital press, and a Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C8000. With these cutting-edge machines, we reproduce colors and graphics with incredible precision. We are also capable of printing signage on nearly any type of material, including durable substrates such as vinyl.

Grand format banners by Pacific Color Graphics are more affordable than you think. Call 888-551-1482 today or contact us online to learn more about our commercial sign production services.