Silicon Valley Leads In Tech and Commercial Printing

 August 10, 2017    

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Thanks to a strong entrepreneurial spirit and Pacific Color Graphics, Silicon Valley leads in tech and commercial printing.

At a brisk pace, Silicon Valley businesses are introducing the world to cutting-edge technology such as:

  • So-called quantum computers that run far faster than classical computers and perform an enormous range of functions that were not possible a few short years ago.
  • Self-driving cars, which promise to be safer than today’s vehicles and ease traffic congestion in big cities.
  • Ride-sharing, the on-demand service that has revolutionized the way people get from place to place in cities across the globe. In just the last few years, ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft have fundamentally altered the daily lives of millions of people.

So how do tech enterprises in Silicon Valley keep people informed of these and other exciting innovations?

In Silicon Valley Commercial Printing Informs the Public

Even groundbreaking technological advances need to be marketed to the public. Commercial printing companies such as Pacific Color Graphics are effective marketing partners for tech businesses trying to gain mass attention.

Experienced commercial printers are able to provide digital printing services that include:

  • Package design and manufacturing. Consumers often make decisions to buy at the retail level. Technological products that can be purchased off the shelf need to stand apart from competitors and convey important user information,
  • Trade show prep. Creatively designed booths that draw traffic, along with promotional products that keep brand names in circulation, are two important ways to make an impression with potential customers at conventions and trade shows.
  • Head-turning signage. Long-lasting banner signs printed with striking graphics, colors and lettering are portable and can be displayed virtually anywhere – buildings, bridges, storefronts, windows, even towed by airplanes.
  • Brochures and other printed materials. Traditional marketing tools such as media press kits, informational packets and direct mail are making a comeback. Professionally produced printed materials that are well designed with a compelling call to action are an investment that generates sales leads.

The success of a startup often hinges on quickly convincing the public of the value of its product or service. As the Silicon Valley leads in tech, commercial printing services from companies such as Pacific Color Graphics inform the world of their successes. Call 888-551-1482 or contact us online to learn more.

Trade Show Banners That Stand Apart

 August 6, 2016    

trade show banner

Trade show banners are the key to successfully drawing the interest of attendees.

A compelling sales presentation, informative brochures and handout materials such as promotional items are important in converting leads to sales. But effective signage is paramount in attracting initial attention to your booth.

A walk on a typical convention floor reveals several vendors that offers products and services similar to your company. Because banner signs are noticeable from a distance, they are the aspect of your booth that attendees see first.

Most banners will be ignored. But with the help of the team at Pacific Color Graphics, experts in trade show marketing, your banner can stand apart from the others.

An effective banner features:

  • A concise message. Convention-goers ignore vague, wordy messages. Signage must communicate a strong message in few words.
  • Sharp, easy-to-read lettering. Basic fonts and professional production work best on trade show signage.
  • Appropriate use of graphics. Images can help sell your brand, as long as they don’t make the sign look cluttered.
  • Quality material. A banner needs to be durable enough to last at least through the duration of the trade show. Printing on plastic or canvas enables your company to re-use the banner.
  • Wise use of color. Even if your company is not identified with strong, attention-grabbing colors such as orange or red, consider using them in trade show banners.

Positioning of trade show banners is also important. If you have only one sign, place it at roughly eye level. Additional banners may be placed higher for visibility from a distance.

Vertical banners are another option that may help your sign stand out from a sea of horizontal signs.

Talk to Pacific Color Graphics for more information on designing banners for a successful trade show presentation. Call 925-600-3006 today.

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What to Look for in Company Store Software

 July 26, 2016    

company store software

Many businesses understand the benefits of operating an online company store, but may be uncertain what type of company store software is the best fit for them.

Company stores save time, energy and money in maintaining a common location and ordering method for INTERNAL items like branded apparel, approved tchotchkes, office supplies, printed materials for marketing and sales, and even reserving equipment and gear for tradeshows!  By coordinating a store with a fulfillment center who can not only manage the store but provide the stock and printed materials you need, a business and be sure to have what it needs, in stock or delivered.

Whether you are considering an online company store for the first time or wish to upgrade your company store, here are Pacific Color Graphics’ recommendations to keep in mind when shopping for company store software:

  • Check out software demos. A credible provider of company store software will allow you and your employees to view and “test drive” examples of their applications.
  • Look for company store software that is easy to use. This is particularly important if a wide range of employees will be using the store and training is an issue. Eliminate software contenders that are unnecessarily complex in favor of more intuitive applications. A small business may be able to save money by purchasing company store software that is limited in scope but still offers the functionality that is required.
  • Make certain the software is capable of accommodating all the product information, including images, that employees need to make wise order decisions. The software should also be easy to update as your company grows.
  • If the software is replacing your present company store, make sure it offers real improvements. Unless price savings is the major concern, swapping applications that are similar is a waste of time.
  • Make sure your new company store software offers all the functionality you require. Solicit suggestions from employees to compile a list of the features you require from a company store. For example, many businesses find automatic inventory updates handy for when supplies run low, or they want software that can be easily customized with company logo or colors. Other functions such as order tracking, expenditure reports and password capability are also important.

Installing and managing company store software is one of Pacific Color Graphics’ many marketing services. Call 925-600-3006 to learn how a company store can help generate sales for your business.

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4 Secret Ways to Get Ready For Back-To-School

 July 22, 2016    

School books with apple on desk

Once again the time is upon us, as the tans begin to fade, the last remaining grains of sand come dislodged from the places that only sand can find and new school shoes gear up for a couple of month of kicking rocks to and from the bus stop accompanied by an infinite supply of grumbling. Ah yes, a new school year full of promise as well as challenges.

Not unlike most monumental happenings, the ones less likely to survive the shift are those that choose to milk the remaining minutes out of the passing time rather than prepare for it. Some simply find themselves in a been-there, done-that mentality and invariably get bowled over by the unforeseen challenges that arise. Weather it is your first back-to-school year or you live in a shoe; we all seem to know the basics, but those aren’t enough.

Here then are 4 things that don’t make most back-to-school list that are sure to give you that veteran appearance and calm the seas for your smooth sailing.

  1. Relax on the Day One Questions

We all know that we have the most important kid in the class and we really need everybody to see that only the best will do for our prince/princess, but think about the cross examination you are about to deliver so you can have every question answered on day one, and then multiply that by the 20 other parents dropping off. Don’t add to the confusion. You have 3 things to do when you get to the school, drop off, honk and wave….that’s it !

  1. Being Early is so Now

This was true back in my days of being dropped off, and now imagine it with the shrinking to nonexistent attention span of the triple-shot mocha choca locha malarkey, 4 minutes late to their own funeral, no time to say hello-goodbye mom on a mission. We snicker at them until inevitably we are them. Make it a goal to not be them. Be early. “On time” is so 2000.

  1. Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Even if the beginning of the school year is not a cataclysmic jump, like 8th to 9th grade, the beginning of a new school year is the prime environment for anxiety to grow in. Talk to your kids in the last few weeks of summer and find out how they are feeling about the coming year. If they are too young to fully express themselves, be proactive and incorporate a nighttime book that deal with this topic in a fun and professional way. Ask what they think the other kids are expecting and help them reach that goal, but most of all, just listen. Let you child know that you’re on their team! This will take any loneliness out of the vastness of the moment.

  1. Ask Them About Their Day

This is not only underrated but the first item to slip through the cracks after the first few weeks. Most families start with the intent of making the first conversation around the dinner table resemble exactly the Ozzie and Harriet shows they grew up on (did I just date myself?), but then the calendar gets heavy, siblings are coming and going and before you know it “tell us about your day” is replaced with “there are Hot Pockets in the freezer”. Find the time to ask and listen how EVERYDAY is going for your kid, all year long. You will most likely be able to hear what they aren’t telling you this way.

So there you have it, four things that seldom make the traditional lists but are sure to save you gray hairs or pulling it all out.

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5 Small Ways for YOU To Save the Planet!

 July 8, 2016    

glass globe in hand

We are proud of being a Certified Green Company, but we know that it takes the masses to invoke the change we seek. What can we ALL do to help?

The very first time that I heard the term “carbon footprint”, my thought was “that would be a great name for a hard rock band”. You know, a group of high school kids that have decided to make a run at Metallica fame by practicing in the garage and hoping to get a chance to play at the dance.

Little did I know what life with kids would do to change my tongue and cheek approach to saving our planet.

The best part about a term so ominous and daunting was that with simple steps, anybody’s carbon footprint is reversible, or at least able to be less impressionable. For most, starting out is the hardest part. Once I decided to minimize my carbon footprint I wanted to walk out my front door to a lush garden full of my food for the week, get into my Prius and drive to my job saving the whales, but finding my starting point was illusive.

Here then are 5 practical ways that you can make simple adjustments to your daily routine that will feed your desire to preserve our habitat, without having to move to Alaska and homestead, although I reserve the right to do that later.

Don’t Rinse

This one is tough for people to wrap their mind around, only because we have been doing it this way for so long. Keep in mind the adage that 28 consistent days of anything builds a habit. For goodness sake, let the dishwasher do the job it was invented for. How often do we get wrapped up in the process and load dishes into the dishwasher that are spotless? Scrape and load. You will save up to 20 gallons of water on each load, not to mention the energy used for heating.

Be a Vegetarian on Mondays

This is a really good suggestion for two reasons. First of all the science: It takes 2,500 gallons of water for every pound of beef produced…YIKES, and 55 square feet of land is cleared (deforested) for each burger that you eat. Secondly, you are going to love the way that eating veggie makes you feel, I guarantee it. After one month you may decide to add a day, then another, and then who knows, I might be asking you over for dinner one night.

Turn Off the Faucet When Brushing

I had a girlfriend once that told her young kids that every time you leave the water running when you brush, it makes a penguin cry. I thought this was a little harsh at first, but they never ran the water and now, long after the memory of her has faded, I still think about the penguins when my kids are brushing their teeth. If you cut the run, you will save 5 gallons of water a day! If everybody did it, we could conserve 1.5 billion gallons in the US alone daily! Stop making penguins cry you heartless creature.

Buy Local

In order to make a change, we have to change ourselves. This should include going for that easy brand name item on the shelf every time you need something from bananas to car parts. Next time you are in big name grocery store, drive around back and look at the oil stains in the truck delivery pit. DISGUSTING! Now imagine all the exhaust and energy consumption to bring those products to the shelf. When possible, you should be walking and buying directly from the people that create the product. Check out farmers markets near you and do your weekly shopping there. You will feel wonderful making a difference.

Close Your Damper

We seldom think about the things we don’t see, so it helps to reimagine the truth. Leaving your damper open in the winter is like leaving a living room window open 24/7. No the damper is not as large but heat rises and constantly looks for ways to escape. Your chimney flu is the highest point on your house, so plenty of opportunity to pour heat (money) out of your chimney. Close it!

So there you have it, 5 ways to begin your quest to a better and greener tomorrow. As you begin to harvest the good feelings associated with being positively proactive, research other ways to make a difference. Do business with Green Companies like us and before you know it, you will be dancing at Earth Day celebrations and kissing your grand babies!

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